Broken Saints CH 24 ACT 3

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In this middle act of the final chapter in Broken Saints (www.brokensaints.com), the defining moment from Shandala's childhood is revealed to much horror. Meanwhile, Kamimura is slowly losing grip on his mind...and Raimi and Oran have their answer for Lear's proposal.


((( NOTBAD )))

Well notbad, it gets good, thease are coming out alot slower then before but its better like that, and nice job on keeping the quality up, nice work indeed, i was pleased...


what the helldid i just watch?

that was the WORST half hour or whatever of my ENTIRE life! You don't even believe in God. You are going to hell. The storyline, dialogue, and characters were boring and confusing. what the hellis going on? having never watched any of the episodes maybe this is why idon't get it, but somehow i get the feeling that i wouldn't get it THAT much even if i did waste my time watching the episodes....... besides you pump these out like a new one every week......seriously though........what the hell is up with this series?


itss a ok searies but i got bored with it after the 6th ep.

The Positive Review of the Day

Wow, poeple are stupid. not you, some of the people that right reviews. This flash shows a different belief or process of thought on the levels of religion and scientific progression. The possibility of such evil and use of actual pictures of such uncensored horror help to enhance the realism of this flash. The overall i gave you is 10 for presenting another side all thought the specifications tend to argue. For anyone who thinks that this means you don't beleive in god, or your satanic, screw them, because your perception is yours to tend to and to uphold, regardless of the insubordinates that think they are correct. Religion is one not to discuss with me, for I will turn your false pretense into your hell if you do, trust me, i will. Anywhoo,

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another sweet Broken Saints episode, i can't wait to see more and the ending as well.... and congrats on the daily feature too.

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Feb 28, 2005
8:23 PM EST
  • Daily Feature March 1, 2005