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Glitch update: TBlade87 informed me that while the game messes up terribly in AOL, it was fine in Internet Explorer. If anything goes wrong for anyone, leave the name of the browser and what went wrong... let's see if there's any consistency to this...

- Esc, p, or Enter to pause
- Arrows to move
- A or D to throw
- W to jump, S to duck

From the team that brought you Stande: Battle Mode comes an entirely original creation. We were aiming for a holiday release of last year, but due to some computer trouble, we missed the deadline by quite some time. Either way, better late than never!
Special thanks to Tox for the snow effects, Knox (KnoxsKorner.com) and Pinnicle (NeptuneCircle.com) for the voice acting, and Mr. Mo for sponsoring the project.


This game is GREAT!

I like this game but ther should be more, POW in it, like some Perks or Power-Ups like Rapid Snowballs or Faster Movement Or Super Jump!


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Enemy Database

Enemy Database for SnowBlitz:

Young'n - A novice snowballer with short range and low damage.
Threat: Low
Notes: Young'ns go down in one hit, and will only sometimes attempt to jump dodge.

Bully - A neighbourhood bully with better range and decent damage.
Threat: Medium
Notes: Bullies are more difficult to take out. They're easier to spot as they wear red hats and green coats. They often perform jumping and ducking dodges, and they take three hits to defeat. Note that they throw farther and hurt more.

Champ - The Snowball master of the neighbourhood.
Threat: Dangerous
Notes: The Champ is the king of snowball fights. He takes roughly ten hits to beat, he rapid-fires snowballs, he jumps, ducks, and moves very fast. To make the boss fight even harder, several Bullies and a few Young'ns will enter from the sides throughout the battle.

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fun but when u try to turn with the arrow keys u can and u need to shoot other way anyways good


the game is ok. it would have ben better with wads to move and the mouse to aim and fire, power-ups that give you mony (like pocket change or something)that you can use to get uprgades with. More bosses are needed also betta cover. overall good gsme. with the eception of the controls.


MOOOORE LEEEVEEELS =( this game was great... but... then it's ova sooo quick =(

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4.03 / 5.00

Feb 28, 2005
6:27 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun
  • Daily 2nd Place March 1, 2005