Big Bag

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*Update 2nd Mar 05 - Lol, thanks for the underdog award :P I did'nt expect this to get anything like this, but still its a bonus that a few more people can see the toon now lol :P

After months of work, not constant work because I am a unmotivated fucktard, it is finally out. 1 talented FlashArtists, rather underdog, came together to create this
and he was'nt Rilstix, Nanoko, Sqeezy or Element.
Instead of doing it picking 2 other great artists to create this, I worked alone again.
I first started with other artists but they dropped out cause of time issues so I searched and did'nt get a great team together. The animations are mainly FBF but I experimented with alot of tecniques to make it more interesting and fun to watch. Unlike other films that claim to, this movie is also one of the few that contains hentai.

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Kinda reminds me of those old DrunkMagikoopa movies. if you know what I mean.

Big Bag!

I can understand why this entry won the "Underdog Of The Week" award as it is quite underrated. It seems like an animutation or at least a forerunner for your work at YouTube Poop. It was great to see your more simplistic animation go with the CGI things, like cats. There is simply something always going on in the cartoon, and completely incomprehensible. It was interesting how it just ended so abruptly after all that madness. I appreciate the different styles of animations and transitions used.

Weird, Creepy, Meaningless, yet Funny

You certainly had a lot of time on your hands. Who's the old guy that kept popping up?

mrsimon responds:

Absolutly no idea. Found him on Google Image Search, and thought he looked incredible.


I peed myself by now..................

LOL" I ran out of Ideas"

It was funny, i liked the music, i think it deserves a 3/5 instead of a high 2!