Shades of ghey

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fags all of you fags


I participated in the Shades of Red.

And I found this quite funny.

Especially the happy leet ghost.
His rib-tickling mannerisms make me laugh!

Lady-Lyndis responds:

I luff j00

Thats Good

Great joke of the FSOG, also nice menu music, Greenday Macys Day Parade is a seldom heard song now lol

there was one that really stood out

threestars was hella gay.

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Lady-Lyndis responds:

lol hi

Decent collab.. decent parody.

Threestar's was by far the worst, however.

Surprisingly, IsOnFire did an extremely good job considering all his previous stuff was utter crap! I've gained a little more respect for him now. I especially liked how it started out as what seemed like a random filler-type animation, but it actually came together at the end. He seems like a really smart guy considering almost all of his stuff is bad.. I wanna see more of stuff like this from him!

Nice job.

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Lady-Lyndis responds:


I thought this would be pretty good, but as far as the stuff you guys have worked on, it's quite nice! I especially like how you did see the same kind of shades. I can understand the existence of parodies like this. It does make me think about "50 Shades Of Gray". I bet you guys have heard of that by now. This was pretty appropriate for Valentine's Day.

Gays deserve to be equal! This isn't insulting to gay people. The animation is better than you'd think. It mostly uses pink. Hey, that rhymes! It's pretty cute.

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3.53 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2005
11:03 PM EST
Comedy - Parody