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"This movie may contain traces of Peanut"
Greeg is a mole ridden,arse goblin of a boy, who is very .... unfortunate !


This is funny in a strange and wacky way. Greeg needs to work on his poor hygiene. You should make actually backgrounds not just leave it white. More jokes and comedy will improve it.

Going through ancient submissions I found this gem. Sooo funny. Sad this character never went anywhere after, that yokel speak is too fitting.

Some very good humour for the most part, my favourite is probably when Greeg's rocking out to his music and smashes his giant teeth off the desk or when he's killing everyone with his horrid hygiene. The timing of the flash was pretty good a few nice long minutes, longer than I expected it to be anyway so that was nice. The quality on the characters and Greeg's face was well done and had some good effort put into it. Some extra stuff like "not very good" hidden in Skater Greeg was amusing as well.

If the viewer doesn't find watching some poor hopeless kid have miserable failures than this flash will be very bland to them. The background was disappointing since it was almost always just pure white with no filler animation to back up the decently drawn characters. The sound could have used some real needed improvements and there wasn't anything extra special or funny about this. It was kind of the same sort of pace the whole way through never getting to some extra hilarious point or anything.

Some good effort and some well performed comedy in my opinion, although it acts like it's building up to some hilarious ending that it never gets to and some things need some major help like the backgrounds and sound.


this is good
this movie depicts a hominid with buck teeth so large they could only be considered tusks
overall lack of cleanliness
and mental deficiency

its not a bad film and i don't regret watching it
it had its moments

No. I'm sorry.

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2.39 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2000
5:43 PM EDT
Comedy - Original