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Jun 24, 2001 | 3:05 PM EDT

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perhaps u know my first entry, now this is a flash movie i made when i got more experience. all graphics (except backgrounds) are hand-drawn.

ps: i removed the error in the loading sequence now



Rated 2 / 5 stars


not a good sb movie the only thing i liked was the music from the original THPS n thats it


Rated 1 / 5 stars


I must say, for a SB movie, that wasn;t half bad. the colors really make it stand out. But the downside is, for a file of this size, it should have been longer. compress the audio next time.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

have to say i'm dissappointed.

for 3.8 meg, this should've been a helluva lot better. lemme go through each and every flaw.
- Its 3.8 meg yet it goes for 20 seconds?? what the hell?
- to save space u could've cut the mp3 to 20seconds, and not used such good quality. its 128 kps i think u used? u could've chopped down to 32. but u put in the whole bloody song!! thats like 2.8 meg wasted!
- why is ur guy bitmap? u musta drawn him in paintshop or something, why dind't u just use flash? it looks a lot better as a vector i can tell u.
- the preloader. it says "loading 1 of 10" all the way until up to about 3000k. i think its cos the blood mp3 is in the first section, and its 3 meg big.
one more thing. tho, it was pretty smoothly animated, and the graffiti backgrounds were a nice touch, but not so many. i think the one in the intro was good enough.
my two cents,

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

AWESOME!!! for a skate video

that was a great skate video BUT!!! wtf is that loser talking about who reviewd this befor me... i mean..ok hes right that skate videos are getting boring but if he rally thought they were then why the hell did he click on this one... and whats this that it was bad music. there is like no better skate music then that except OPM and CKY plus the song was in tony hawks pro skater 1. the last thing is that he said they should do more specials BS half those specials are made up and if if they werent( ex. Burntwist) they cant even land them so you tried to make it realistic( except for that 30 foot gap, tail grab, to a fs boardslide :) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK