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The Epical Kiss 9

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LOL watch what happens when Chubaka is attacked by a ninjer!



Srry about the low overall... but it's quite true. It was slow, unorginal and quite boring ect...

The graphics... were all you had really ( i didn't like the song) and the humour points are there cuz this thing took so long...

I understand the violence thing (NOT!!!) it's a metaphor? for love? yep... if not... then this submission was even worse then it already is... which is pretty bad...


Well, I envy you Chubaka. You are so unlike me. You kept on perfecting this, no mater what people said! I'm so happy you didn't quit, cuz maybe... someday... something good will happen@ Keep up the good work! I'mma give you a 2 (on the poll thing) but since you're so brave and everything, 3! Good job!


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p5: m0|23 |236634 /\/\U5I( D00D3|25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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crap and more crap

i know my review aint gonna stop you from doing this crap but MAKE somthing good u obviously have the drawing talent to do so.

what was it?

it took so long just for that, which doesn't make sense at all, please elaborate on these short projects

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2.10 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2005
6:07 PM EST
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