SMASH!: 100

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16 Rounds. 3 Modes. 6 New Characters. > 100 Questions <. This is SMASH!: 100, the quiz show where compete for the glory of becoming SMASH! Champion. With the option to finish after 25 or 50 questions, or go the whole way to 100 questions in many different genres. Now with extra bonus games and cheat codes! The first 4 rounds are knockout, with intense tiebreakers, so you must beat your opponents to stay in the game, but to win 50 mode, you must beat another competitor on a score out of 50, and for the crown of SMASH!: 100 beat an extremely knowledgeable person on their score out of 100 – on this quiz of destiny, that will test your range of knowledge to the max, stretch every brain cell and mash your mind with mental measuring – this is SMASH!: 100. Also fixed some questions for y'all.

After overcoming many script and overload problems, it's finally here! Enjoy and thanks for your support!

Question about Tasmanian Devils has been changed to Tasmanian Tigers.



that was a great game...must have taken a while considering how long it is! I finished with 74/100 :( Hawkin had 75/100 :( oh well maybe ill try again some other time...otherwise...Great job!

Smoking-Chimney responds:

oh unlucky! thankyou for your review & support :D


dee dae die doh lovely
why do they have boobs butt or shoulder on the front page and not this?

Smoking-Chimney responds:

thanks for your support :D

Good Job

Everyone of your smash games gets better.This one was hard i lost on the second round:P.Ill try the game later and see if i can finish the game.


Smoking-Chimney responds:

Thankyou for your support! Please try later, I know you'll enjoy it, especially with the added features. Thankyou :D

Great :D

Well I really liked this flash better than the crappy stick figure flashes everyone else submits anyways nice job :D

Smoking-Chimney responds:

lol, thanks for your support! I guess it is different to most submissions!

Once again. GREAT!

Man Your SMASH! games just kee[ getting better and better. Some questoins are hard, some are easy. Plus it was pretty funny. "You don't go home empty-handed, you get a raisin!" lol I was laughing hard at that. I found this game harder than the other ones. I could have sworn that the picture in the stupidly hard question round was an elephant not a pinaple. Just goes to show how decieving your games can be. Very good game though I really liked it. Great job again!!!

Smoking-Chimney responds:

Thankyou for your support, it definitely was a pineapple :D It is quite hard finding the balance between hard and easy questions, but I think it went OK. Thanks again, by the way your email doesn't seem to work .... :S Anyway thanks for your vote!

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3.95 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2005
2:12 AM EST
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