Red Devil RPG2

February 27, 2005 –
May 18, 2016
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Here is its eulogy, a collection of the kind words written about it while still among the living. They shall live on forever in its place.

Author Comments

This game took a good 10 months to make. A lot of people get stuck in the house you start off in, Give the ghost in the kitchen the paper bag. Please review, as I will reply to all of the reviews. ENJOY! Please, if you find a bug I can fix (or need help) post it on tcartoon.com's forum.

*push space to skip the intro*
Don't make a review with questions on how to finish this game! Thats just being silly!
Here are some facts about this game:
All art is 100% original, drawn frame by frame by hand. (owch)
The game has 30,000 lines of code. (super owch).
All characters, code, and Photoshop work are original.
The space ship you drive is in true 3D.

A note about the sound engine: I just noticed that you can ether load your mp3s or game engine files, and not both.

*Update* fixed a lot of bugs.
Thank you for playing red devil!



One of the first flash games I ever played, and I came back to play it in all its glory. Love it.

i agree with cami6597.right now listening to game over by steve rushton

pretty cool!

i like it nice job on the drawing mmm i like it...? lol

you should thank me man.
oh! by the way the game was good but,
i'am amezed that no-one wrote a review since 19th october.
well i'am writing one!

Good game to worth spend little time to play.

BTW:Anyone know the cheats codes?Please tell me.Thanks!

exellent game but if only I can get past the scarecrow! It shoots needles...

good game dude and to the 2 idots below ur realy gona give the game a zero cus of the fuckin music? u know u can oh i dont know.. TURN IT OFF! retard and the one under u,why the hell do u give the game a 0 cus u tryed someones walkthrough and it dident work? heres a thought retard. THINK FOR UR DANM SELF AND PLAY THE GAME ON UR OWN! theres no fuckin walkthrough to life retard.

i followed your link it didnt work :(

I'm not through yet, though there is a walkthrough here:
http://pub10.bravenet.com/forum/stati c/show.php?usernum=776787304&frmid=28 2&msgid=550223
Hope that helps!!!

This game has the potential to be AWESOME,

My only issue is that there's just no plot to the game. There's no directions to tell you what your supposed to be doing and why, just random things to collect that don't seem of any relevance to the character.

Another point is that there's a lot of inconsistency in direction. for example you'll exit one screen to the right and end up on the far left screen of the next one, its only a small problem but i found it really disorientating.

I'm at 88% and I'd love to be able to finish the game but I dont have the slightest clue how to finish the game or why my character wants to parade round space or the city or anywhere!?

Don't worry I wouldn't spend the time critiquing a game I hated, I absolutely adored this game and i hope my criticism was constructive! I loved this game and cant wait to play the third one! xx

I can't find a walkthrough, Tcartoon looked like an ad site or bad search engine, it seems like the author has just disapeared with no warning, and all the reviews say stuff like 'yeah, I beat the game' but it would be nice if you could tell the rest of us how you did it!
Here's how far I got:
In your room on your shelf by the bed is -$40. Go across the hall into the sister's room and talk to her to get the key. Go into the basement (the door is in the room with the UFO) and talk to the couple there to get the brown bag, also while you are there go to the cabinets to the left of the room and get -$100. Go back to UFO room and use brown bag, the ghost should eat whatever is inside and go into a high or something. While in your house you should go into the bathroom (room at the end of the hall) and trade -$10 for a clothes basket. Leave your house and go to the house above yours, there should be a giant gold shroom, go there and and pick it (this is an item you can get multiple times), then talk to the girl in gray who is waiting outside the house to get a star. Go inside the house now and after passing through the first room go into the room on your immediate right to enter an observatory. Ignore the giant telescope and move behind the rail to the room on your left to enter another room with a computer on the right side. Go up to the computer and use the clothes basket to get the space map that is behind the computer. Exit the house and enter the overworld map and go to the farm on the lower left. Go up to the girl and she disapears, then reenter the overworld map and go into the grassland on the lower right and talk to the girl kneeling down to enter the dream world. Enter the little cave and keep going up until you see what is to be a smaller overworld map and enter the tower and talk to the girl there. Leave and enter the small cave/ruins and go to the right where there is some statues, hit action on the third one from the top to get -$75. Then keep going down the hall straight from the entrance of the ruins to get into an area with a girl and some statues, talk to her to get the magic cog. Leave the dreamworld (Nurse will heal you for -$20 if you talk to her), and enter the overworld map and go to the forest on the top of the screen and give the girl her magic cog, you may not want it back after this. Keep going up, then right, then keep going up until you hit an area with a scarecrow talk to him until you untie him, then go up and into the castle and once inside go right and right again until you hit a room with a weapon cache and go to the canon and hit action to get -$80. Go back to castle square and head into the main castle, there go left and left again to enter a room with a gem and a chest. Get the gem and use the key on the chest to get -$60. Go back one room and this time go up and left to get another gem and use action by the orb-holding-cross-thing to get a power sphere. Go back and go up to use the key on the chest to get the MAGIC COMB, then go all the way back to the sqaure and go up the tower on the left give the girl her comb to get a star, nothing is in the chest. Go outside the castle to the area with four sides and a bridge at the bottom and go right and follow the path to talk to the lady under the falls and talk to the girl sitting on the mushroom to get the swimsuit. Go back home and trade sphere for uzis and go back into the basement and go down the tube to pay -$300 to repair the UFO which you can use to go to the city. Go back to the castle main area and get the trench coat from the girl standing right inside the first room. Go back to your room (or anywhere with a change area) and switch into trench coat. Go into the overworld map and enter the barn in the bottom left (save first!) and go into the barn to fight the scarecrow (press space to use uzis) he will give you a star to leave him alone. You should have three stars, -$45, two gems, a key, brown bag, cog, comb, star map, uzis, and a clothes basket. Rest you should figure out on your own. PM me if you need more help.

this game rocked awesome graphics it was tricky very fun very chalenging i think it was genious and to the person who said there wasnt bad stuff in it u must not have played very far this game had plenty of bad stuff lol pure awsomeness

It was a good RPG, with good graphics and gameplay. The only thing that will make this better is if it had teleporters at strategic locations. Other than that it was really good! =P

this game is for kids..i dont see anything bad at this game..

uhm, after i clicked the computer it says 0% done or something like that
then i can't move!
what`s wrong???

i luved this game
it was the boom

Lot of work put into this and I give you a ton of credit for that. Loved the game, really cool job!

I can really see you put a lot of work in this, okay this game is girly but still it's good because of all the side-quest, the actions, the graphics. Really nice work.

Yeah like alot of the people said... the music is really annoying -.- And I guess the game was a bit... too silly for me... I mean I like a more serious game that doesnt include the phrase "Welcome to the dream would biatch" or w/e it was -.- I see you put some thought into it and given that I was too annoyed by it to play it too long I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say that it might get better! Lol but seriously... that music was annoying.

yeah i liked it. heh .. mute buttn rulz. end.


that damn music is annoying but any how i liked the grpahics and all the work you put into it

the game is awesome but please put in a mute button

i really liked it, but i dont like fighting the scarecrow.

first plez it wood have been very helpful if u wood have put in a Mute button dat song wuz driving me NUTS omg den next thing WTF wuz i supposed to do in this game anyway?

I was stuck just leaving the first corridor LOL! Guess this game isnt for me but its good anyway.

Dident Play Just Because That Horrible Music Please Put A Mute Button In

It was an okay game, but no story line. didn't make much sence either...

The in game song is Shiny Disco Balls by Who Da Funk.

I started today, but it seems like a good game, it deserves a 10/10, and i would like to know how to make a flash game and where i could find the tools to make one, thank you.

So let's see where do I begin.
I have all stars
I have all crystals and all space gems
3/5 secret keys

I am missing money parcel 6 and I cannot find that for the life of me. I even went so far as to join newgrounds to write a review because the net doesn't offer any help either. Also I went to tcartoon.com and it looks as though the site is shut down.

If you would help me or someone help me beat this game so I could move on to another one I would greatly appreciate it.

C0-C8 = True
Keya-i = True Keyj = 2
Gema-g = True

I have no programming knowledge whatsoever but I can tell I have all money parcels but m6.... Also wheres the dragon thing or whatever and what does getting the 5th key entail?

This game is decent, but it's got a major problem that makes it unbeatable under certain circumstances. If you try to chase after the vanishing girl while she's in the tower, she'll start disappearing and reappearing constantly. In the debug cheat, this correlates to the "aie" section, and if the number goes up more than it's supposed to, she won't appear in the mausoleum like she's supposed to. Also, you should do something about the broken light in the mausoleum puzzle as well. Other than that, this game was pretty fun.

I really like this game, but it is really hard. Right now I have 2 stars. Does anyone know where to get the magic cog? This game has no story. I have played for one hour and gotten nowhere. Please make your next game easier. Other then that awesome game! Make more!

the game was way too long i played for 40 minutes and didnt finish ,oh and go to options menu click advanced optoins and type in speed.

I really wanna find the song u have in the start of the game!..but toher than that the whole thing is pretty cool

Although i never fineshed it. it was awesome. I agree with Herkulea wee need a walkthrough. great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good game lots of interaction. Lots of gaming space too. To me the best of the red devil series. Only thing is i dont have the 7th star and i have no idea where to get all the random money. We need a walkthrough asap.

Ps: What happened to your site?

yeah, the game was long, it reminded me of final fantasy games... anyways, i got up to the point where i was lookin for the scarecrow and had 5 stars, 6 gems, etc. i tried going into the barn like the irl in the kitchen said, but it wouldnt let me in :P. then i gave up and decided to play next time, but i forgot to save. haha

needs more levels

Half the stuff in this game didn't work for me. There were a lot of bugs. I'd done everything I could possibly do and I still couldn't move forward.

The music was annoying and I couldn't play any other songs for some reason.

I couldn't get the character to change her clothes.

Girls were randomly exposing themselves.

And there is no actual story.

go to the class with your default close and go find the king and talk to the kid. go get uzi. go back to castle and get treach coat then go to barn!

......it started out ok and i gave the paper bag to the ghost thingy....i got the magic cod got 2 stars and now i have to find some kind of scarecrow i think its in the barn but i cant get in the barn?WHY IS THAT???????????

This is one of my favorite games on Newgrounds! Despite having no plot (lol) I still found this very fun. However I didn't finish it as I got confused halfway through and your website isn't working...The music was great, the graphics were great, the only thing I would change about this is provide a bit more of a storyline.

ok first off there is no forum at tcartoon.com
3rd there is no plot
4rth there is no abjective that you are told of
5th you suck in general you get 0 stars

i haven't played a good rpg in awhile
thanks :D

I luv this game but i want to know what song is the Home Theme?

I have been searching for a good evil sotta RPG on newgrounds and my friend you have MADE IT!!! i luv the plot but everything is a bit slow but who cares about that THIS GAME ROXS!!!!!! KEEP IT ON NEWGROUNDS 4 EVA!~~~

peace -

I almost couldn't bear to play it. The storyline seemed like your dog cobbled it together in her sleep. However, the control scheme I think your dogh WOULD have done a better job on. I had no clue what was going on and nobody gave me one. The ghost was idiotic, and there wasn't any humor. I am not going to go into details about the "women" but let it suffice to say that I am disgusted. There was not a single redeeming quality in this game, and it deserves to be blammed.

This game is devoid of any storyline. [Correction: a UFO crashes into your house. You fix it and explore stuff, usually blindly] Also, you hardly have a clue what to do, the tutorials fail to mention important things like "BTW: you can shoot harpoons in your swimsuit" or "Note: some, but not all, exits are marked" or even "Lots of things that seem like important clues or leads that you need an item to receive are just another excuse for Tcartoon to show you another pixelated woman masturbating."

Graphically the game is neat and stylish and has a great engine. Unfortunately, all you get to see is a lot of women mastubating and lots of dirty comments. (I would think that just by sheer number of adult content that this would classify as adult only, but hey, I was just trying to find a game to play. Who am I to talk? Wasn't the game listed as having lots of explicit nudity and adult themes? Oh, wait. Nope. It wasn't.) Also, most interactions are confusing. The instructions say that to use an item you use your inventory screen that you see when holding 'I' but really you have to click on the small inventory screen in the corner.

Did I mention that there isn't any plot, that the instructions are bad and that there are a LOT of masturbating women? Yeah.

after ten minutes im lost

i don't know what to do know, i got a laundry basket, went to the basement, then went back to the girl wo gave me the key to the basement
after that, i couldn't figure it out.

I have a question though. isn't there a Red Devil 1 or is it just called that for any reason. Anyhow LOVE IT.

Was very fun. There needs to be a way to check how many cash stashes you need/have found.
I havent quite finished. Got all the money, gems, space crystals and stars but only have 4 keys.
I take it the disapearing lady has the 5th key, I have chased her (in order): corn field, underwater area, junkyard, castle storeroom, 2 rooms on SE tower of castle. Anyone know where she goes from here? I saw the writer say she ends up in the vampire room, but she isnt there yet.
Do not say go to his website. When i clik the link or try to go to tcartoon . com it takes me to a search engine, so apparently either he has given up the site or has changed it.
Otherwise, enjoyed it a lot, looking forward to playing 3.

It was funny tnx...but I don't know what was going on with the storyline but I still loved it...^_0

Theres NO storyline
Theres NO real point to it
Theres NO objective to the game
Im not sure WHAT was going on..
Who was the main character, whats up with the ghost?
Overall, you have spent NO time on the game

i get in the barm where the scarecrow is!!

I cant get past the first freakin level what the heck is the fairy?

Like the first one, it has a few little flashy extra things that aren't needed at all. For instance, it would have been easier in the sound thing to just have a few song options, or better... A music OFF button. And... I'm happy your using more proper spelling and capitals, Red Devil RPG1 looked a little noobish.
--Oh, and I think it's weird how the main character doesn't have socks or anything on. Sorry for the 5, I just don't like it... =(

pretty well written yo
propz for the effort man
add more violence and stuff

It's average, except the sound gets irritating

I <3 the music! and that game fuckin pwns!

i liked the game its just that the stupid techno song that kept playing it gave me a headache!!!!!!

this game was wierd, but good. i felt like i was on a bad acid trip, the only problems i had were that dang techno song that kept playing, and the fact that the game had little direction. i didnt know where i was going and what i was doing half the time. but its playable and better than some stuff i've played.

yes interesting is a to good word this game really didnt go out so well my friends i mean wut do u have to do with the mushroom and why r all girls looking like they were introduced to the producer of salad fingers plus why does all the girls say U CANT COME IN HERE BEOTCH

What's with all the girls looking...um...weird?

This game was OK, but with the general idea, it was about the best it can be. It's like asking a gourmet chef to bake mud pies that are any good, which you kind of did.
What RD3 needs is a plot that makes sense, maybe some more action, less items used more, and why do half the girls in the game pull up their shirts? Is this some porn game?
My review may be a bit harsh but I had fun with this game.

What are you supossed to do with the clown? (when ur in that hypno level or sumthin.. PLZ HELP!)o yea umm really good game make a sequel!!!

Nice game... but I think the part that most astonished me was the begining... who ever thought anyone would be smart enough to use Dimmu Borgir's Progenies the Great Apocalypse as a theme song... it's absolute genious.

Kind of cool but way easy to beat took like five minutes

most of the game is good.except for the fighting bit.it is hard to defeat the moster.i need a little help for that.

really good game.. I found it pretty annoying to control at first though (the spiral staircase was annoying lol)
I got to the fight bit and instead of re-startin i reloaded duuurrr dumb me.. thats where i gave up..
Being honest i have played this game longer than any other but it is pretty long..
I enjoyed it :)

Quite an impressive game, and the scripting and graphics shows the amount of intense work that's gone into this. I found myself playing this for hours, purely to find everything possible in it. It's a bit challenging at first but once you figure things out then it becomes easier. The great thing about this game is the fact it's gameplay lasts long enough to give you something to do for quite a while. So far I got 8 stars, all gems, all crystals, 3 keys and still not finished heh.

Glitchy in some parts, but it doesn't matter too much as the game is still fully playable, just a bit frustrating at times heh. The sounds and music can get on your nerves after a while, but eh, I was playing it for a couple of hours or more.

Excellent game, definitely worth playing if you want a Adventure/RPG style game which is a bit difficult yet very interesting and addictive.

Mate this is one of the longest and best games i have played on newsgrounds Really good work and great imagination cant wait to see what you come up with next

This game took a while to load but it was worth it. I had to think quite hard lol. I look forward to seeing more submissions by you.

Great game, loved it, minus the fact that im missing some money packages, and the weird dissapearing person has dissappeared too far for me to find :-( , leaving me without two of the lovely keys...

Most people are stuck without the magic cog, others without the comb, and some cant do that block thing in the graveyard, so ill help :-)
To get the magic cog, go through the dream world temple, thats all im saying...
Speak to the woman in the cave near the rocket, she should help a bit for the magic comb, and the comb is in the castle...
Now, the lighting up blocks in the graveyard... Theres a glitch there, most of u cant seem to light up the middle-bottom block. Just save the game in the den, refresh the page, and load it up again, it should work, worked for me each time :-)

Just want to congratulate u on this game, and would love to join your site to show my appriciation, but it wont let me, so i cant

that music drove me insane

I'll be damned if this game wasn't something like playing an acid trip. While the character models weren't the most detailed things I've ever seen, the overall graphical style, coupled with the awesome 3-D effects makes them forgivable (after all, they could've been sticks;). The sound on its own wasn't too bad, although repetitive, but the ability to use your own mp3s made it all the more awesome. The game engine and concept is where RD2 really shines. It's like some whacked out version of the trading game in the Zelda series, with some remedial type combat and puzzle elements as spice. All in all, pretty damn good, and after all, we like games.

"Bugger off, not even if I was trippin'"

how can i get the other 5 stars or how do i get the magic cog?I went to the dream world and explored every place there but i didn't found it?And by the way,i read about a castle...where is it?
Anyway i think this is a great game and i wish to be a 3rd one

I gotta say the only thing that made me say this was crap was the song that kept playing over and over the same damn verse again and again and again!!!! I couldn't take it anymore!! but besides that It wasn't incredibly bad it just wasn't good at all.

very nice flash... could have made it alot better but anyone who spends that much time on a good map and lots of characters... keep it up and practice to make an even better game.

A bad project done well. It was a waste of a good night trying to finish it and then get stuck somewhere, only to read on the author's website that "its a bug lol!!" and that you have to start from the beginning. Not rewarding at all, and a complete waste of time, though I commend your flash ability.

I love the game and spent much time getting to where I am now. Which is at the boxes you have to light. After spending hours trying to solve the puzzle and still not being able to light the front middle one, I checked the Tcartoon walkthrough and found out it was a bug. So I started the game from scratch and made sure I did the disappearing girl right this time but now I still cannot get the box to light even after trying so many times. Can you please help me with this so I can finnish the game? Thanks!

you know the home theme song about that bad ass dicso ball...... is that an accutal song i can find or is it something you made... i like the song so can you tell me how i can get it or who its by...song name? aslo bad ass game... its awsome i liked playing it. so please keep em' coming.

freakin awesome. the only problem is that i cant get enough money to fix the ufo.

Although not a bad game. The problem is the last guy was right. This isn't an RPG its more like an Adventure game. Although what I do not agree is that it is boring because there is a lot to do... however only people who are used to this kind of games would find it appealing. Polish your ideas more mate.

The gameplay looked like an adventure game, not an RPG. I've completed it on 27%, than I found it boring. But I see that you put a lot of effort in the game: all the drawings, scripts and stuff. All you need is a little bit better realisation. Try to add fights in the game! Than it will really look like an RPG. Good luck.

I found the storyline quite intersetin yet the game is confusing.I tried the music change thing and it won't work for me you have to change it because I don't have an address bar in my C: drive so that was a problem. Some of the graphics could have been better but I like the eyes. The sound was really annoying but the gamepla was. Just take what I said to heart.

It was ok. I did like the graphics and the sound. It was also kinda funny. But, it was boring. Maybe a different story line would be better.

how do u get in the barn

I got stuck some where because i didnt know where the comb was!

OR is the comb the thunder bolt thing? if it is, the prinsees dosnt want it.

Can someone help me?

First of all, congrats to the author because this thing is amazing!!!:)
And, let me add something here...althiugh almost everybody found the music annoying, I´ts really sticky. I personally found it great!!
I just have a question for the author...
I have all of the stars, the crystals and the money parcels. But the girls at the city (the one of the money and the one of the space crystals), won´t give me any key.
I´m totally stuck, and I can´t find the dragon, so I can go nowhere. Could you please help me out???

I have spent hours playing this, which is amazing on it's own. Usually I just get bored and give up if a game is too difficult. I'm only @ 91% and still have to get the 4th, and 7th stars. I went to your website and wasn't able to load the page. U must have reached your bandwidth limit. I'll try later then. Great game! Although my Cisco class is lagging due to my emersion in this game. I also must salute you on spending 10 mos. and 30,000 lines of code. This game was well worth your effort though. Anyone who would give this a bad review would have to be lazy, dumb, or just battling the big green monster.

That was SOOO GREAT!!!

Well, yeah I got stuck when I didn't know what to do, but I got through about 90%. I will try to keep going. :D
Especially I loved the sounds. But... what's the disappearing girl???
What does she mean?
Lav ya! ^^

the sites best game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great game, but easy to get stuck in a glitch.

i cant get past anything!! and wheres the evil scarecrow???????

very cool i like it catchy toons too

This thing is good alrite but i think you could make better graphics for this, and you should really make more than puzzle gameplays and use the uzis a bit more, It gets 5/10 :-)

But i don't know what to do when u get the magic cog and go to the clockwork place and there is a girl spinning a chain watch. she says about a hypnotize level and i went there and there is a clown face that says s+speed.
otherwise great game.

i would have given a 10 but ya no the glitches like if you go to far right in the obsrvitory the cammra moves and wont move back so u can't get out but other than that nice

Nice game. This really is an amazing peice of work. I think there might be a glitch over by the cave area where the chick on the mushroom is looking for clothes. If you head towards the left dot you get sent to this tree stump thats spiraling up, but if you head to the left at the area where it takes a couple of stars to cross the bridge you are sent to that same tree stump screen with the gem. On a side note after helping the chick on the mushroom she disapears when you leave the screen and come back, but if you talk to the mushroom it still says thanks and the movement going up the tree looks like its going backwards about half way up.
By the way i'm having a little trouble with finding the fourth star. I had found it once before, but got stuck and had to start over again. I can't remember where I found it the last time. On the subject of stars you may want to think about changing the wording of what the people say who won't let you pass because of how many stars you have. It seems dependent on what star you have, not how many.
This drove me crazy when I was in space but you didn't put all nine planets in did you? I guess not because I got all of the crystalls

quite an enjoyable game. i like the stylistic animation, it's simple yet very cool. i found myself moving around in certain areas just to see the animation. i really like the initial cutscene, too. outside of the annoying "home" theme, you do a good job w/ ambient sound, esp. the forest. very unique concept.

i encountered a couple things i think might be glitches. firstly, in the graveyard, one of the "buttons" that turns on and off won't go away when i move to other parts of the room. it also won't light up. i wasn't able to get past that puzzle. the woman won't let me in to the aerogenerator even though i have five stars. also, in the cavern where the woman tells you the crystals are very valuable, i once got trapped in the farthest glowing tunnel (with the chest). finally, i traded my powersphere for uzis before showing it to the woman near the silver dragon, which isn't a glitch but was annoying. didn't really feel like playing the game over, though maybe i was doing something wrong. all in all though, one of the best games i've played.

Ya the game is very good. If you want to wear the clothes just go behind any of the curtain or clothes booths. There's one to the left of the castle and one in your room among aother places. Once there hit space and you can change clothes. I also have a question for anyone who can answer. What do i do after i follow the silver dragon i got to the clown head, but now nothing will happen? is it a glitch? if not what do i do? maybe just a hint?

Very good but how do you wear your clothes you get? its very confusing

that was a good game...It would be even better if i could figure it out

But I can't figure out how to get my music to work. I'm not computer stupid. I know how to correctly copy the fil name. Does it need to be uploaded?

ok first off. its not my kinda game. second the music at the begining was sooooooooooooooo annoying... and last it was very strange... otherwise good game!

This game took me like about 6 hours. I got all the jewals, and space stones and got 6 stars. I can't find the last one. Nether can I find the rest of the hidden money. After that I accedently save of a new file over the old. Good game though and hard puzzles

This is the best game I've played on NewGrounds ever, keep up the awsome work bro., hopefully you're already making the next version of the game, Coz I can't wait!!!

Can anyone help me? I've tried to talk to the girl under the waterfall but she doesn't talk. Next im in red clothes is that the swim suit? Ive tried to use one the the cheats for all the cothes but it doens't work. Can anyone help

Bastards!!!!!I had a hard time finding it again!!!!!!!!!!!!Ne way good game hope da third one iz even better.

Not too bad. cant get the last crystal though... driving me mad.

varview-shows wat you have done in comp talk
speed-as it sounds
sspeed- super speed
allpants- all costumes

thats all i thnk

does anyone know cheats for this game

To the review before me. It is bullshit. He's promoteing an unrelated site, now just kicking him off.

what the hell is going on?

Really good game, really liked it, a lot lol, also the person before me about the prick with the virus etc. he posted the same thing on a movie about he found the full version of the game lol

it shows that you put a lot of work into this. youve definitly shown you can make good rpg's and i think maybe you should develop another..
great job

I found myself strangely addicted and after some time I caught myself whispering the song. I liked it but I had to reset a time or two cause it kind of froze but its fun so I found it to be worth the time.

Again, better than I could have done... it was a lengthy game, I know it took you a long time and things but I think the graphics could have been a BIT better. Not that they were bad... but... they could have been just a bit better. I completely understand though, it is hard to make something look really, really good when you have the 3D type of movement (with her being at different distances from the viewing screen... therefore changing size quite a bit...).
You get a good rating from me... I would like to see more of this style, just maybe raise the bar on the graphics.

I fel like a fucking jerk when i say tahat this game isnt that good. I mean 10 monhts! Jesus christ!
This RPG has the exact same problem as all the other RPGs. Gameplay.
There is never anything new. You allways just end upp collecting items for everyone u meat. Its no fun. Im sorry man.

This game saddens me because it's obvious so much time and effort went into it, yet it is still a mess. First off, the dialogue makes absolutely no sense. While this seems to be intended, it's still frustrating to plod your way through complete gibberish. I got a long ways into the game, but most of my success came from banging the spacebar repeatedly at every single area that looked remotely different than the background. Furthermore, this really isn't an RPG at all. There are no real stats to speak of, none, that is, that affect the gameplay. I'd be willing to overlook this misrepresentation if the game at least had a decent storyline, but as I said before, it's mostly gibberish. Finally, the presentation is just sloppy. You're thrown into the game with no real introduction of any kind. You don't know who any of the characters are, or what the hell you're doing. Most ironically, you have to figure out the controls so you can get to the tutorial WHERE YOU FIND OUT WHAT THE CONTROLS ARE. I've never seen more counter-intuitive gameplay in my life.

While it's clear that this game was a concerted effort, the 3d graphics are just crippled by the terrible gameplay. No graphics in the world can save a game that is horrendously difficult to play and even harder to enjoy from the title screen onward.

I Cant find out how do the Music thing!!! Im starting to get Pissed off

I got pretty far but when I went in the ruins next to the girl on the mushroom (the one asking for clothes) Iwent in the yellow tunnel (the one with a $50 treasurechest) i get stuck.GET ME OUT.and the girl asking for the cog in front of the forest was funny.(so is the one asking for the mushroom)

DON'T link to the thang that last dude said has the full version. It's a virus. I promise to give this game a try, then I will really review it. Right now, I need to delete this virus.

i like it but the game itself can be kinda confusing

this is a great game to be played and shit love it crazy how ppl just come out a flash you O.o but hell it was an eye opener for me. didnt like i ran around everywhere to find the magic cog then i saw it >< i got 88% done i have 6 stars and this bitch is telling me i need 4 to go to the windmill WTF! there some bugs were i would walk in to the one wall and go thrue it trun black and get lost ^^ and with the light on the bed or by it and the girl laying on it is suck up by it crazy i think the top right one have to be on for this to happen well keep up the good work!!

well i didnt no what i was suppose to do at all but whatever it looked like it would have been good

It won't load for me. Why won't it laod for me? i wish it would load for me, that would be kooo.

The game's music had a nasty habbit of raising it's own volume.
also, when I got all five gems, and went to the observatory, nothing happened. Was I supposed to get something??
A targeting system in the scarecrow battle would have been nice also. Other than that... Sweet game!

dude an amazing game but im stuck on the clothes basket what do i do with it?

I got like 75% done and got stuck...like glitch i think.
long as hell and very drawnout.
I really enjoyed it and can say with pride that i will download this game.
Ive got some really nice ideas you might be interested in. Ill contact you within the next few days.

I'm sure being the developer you've had plenty of time to figure out what a bug is, if not pity.

However, there are plenty that i found. There are spelling errors, and so forth. It's an interesting beta.

This whole game is based around illicit drug use, satanic ritual, and just the degenerate part of society.

Interesting, but i always have this tingling sensation to pick up a dagger and slit someone's throat whenever i see them listening to techno, acting satanic and whorish.

I liked the game engine. HOWEVER, that song made me want to rip off my testicles with something sharp and rusty, merely to cause enough pain to divert my attention from it. *turns sound off* Oh, thank god.

I liked it, although I thought it lacked proper direction, as in it was a bit random how you figured what to do/where to go next. I got pretty frustrated wandering around for ages not knowing where to go next at one point until I discovered that path at the back of dream world convinently hidden... I seriously didn't spot that for ages. And the 'shiny disco balls' loop drove me insane, although it could just be muted so I guess it's not a big deal. The dialogue was laughable in places aswell, and not in a good way ;P But overall it was pretty entertaining... keep up the good work :D

dude, this was an asome game. amazing that this could fit into a newgrouds game, its so immense man.neway, i cant wait till red devil3(if there will be one) or another game by u. if u could, could u respond to me how the hell to make the bottom block glow in the city? in the graveyard part.... i tried everything.. so, please respond how to do it, or jes a hint or something, newya, kickass game man

To be honest, i dont have the attention span to go and beat this massive game, but i can really appriciate the obvious countless hours of effort and work that went into this. Its amazing really that a game as large and complex as this can even be made in flash. Great work

looks decent, music gets irritating after a while.

The biggest problem was that the pace of the game was very slow, it takes way too long to get somewhere and it's not really clear what you're supposed to do. So the gameplay couldve been better.

And seriously, why the random flashing???

nouff said

What should I do.I gave paper bag to girl that is on the bed and I bought clothes basket.

great dude expecialy love the music NICE WORK

i love the game its cool runs smooth,
but i really would like to know the name of that song that plays when you start off in the room, i made an account and reviewed this just because of that song, so if someone knows please email me (james@gundo.us) or help me findout somehow even aim (imooosotrendy)

first of all, the game has great graphics and the way the script moves around it. it would have taken an eternity to build up the game. however, it was so boring. i could play it for a few minutes without going mad. what is the point to it? and why is this classified as an RPG, you never even find out your own name. you hardly play a role! it was more of an adventure game. i didnt complete it.
Overall good job but try and make a more interesting story next time.

this game is good and a lot of time has beent aken to make it this way its got great features such as loading you own mp3's and changing the game preferances
but it gets pretty boring quickly and the other people trapped with you become very repeadative quickly it takes skill and ability to make a flash/game but it also takes an amount of imagination to keep it intresting through story line and game play, and this lacks it.

It's pretty cool, a tad immature and the ending sucked ass but the game was well made. There were a couple of bugs but the jump code provided a work around. I must say I'm impressed by the art and work obviously put into this game, but the creater needs to stop eating shrooms and drawing pixil porn. Yeah I know, most would disagree, theres just a lot more someone with this kind of scripting skill and artistic ability could do.

I like the concept, but it needs some bug fixing. I have to know what that song was though. It was kind of annoying listening to the same bit over and over again, but the song itself sounded cool, I'd like to hear it as a whole.

ok ok ok first dont have this annoy as fuck background music that is a ghetto high pitched chick saying the same four lines over and over again. have a real song or maybe like some damn lounge music and its good you have a sound off button but some people dont wanna miss any of your great sound effects. second have some sort of reset button that takes you back a scene or some thing because while in searching of your beloved 75$ items you get stuck in a gliche and have to start the game over again . other than that it wasnt bad and nice touch with the options screen and giving the player more picture control options and you should make the chicks hotter i am proud to say i am a 17 yr old perve but guys and maybe girls would get a better game play workout if they thought they were tapping in on some virtrual ass. nice job

yeah umm mars bitches

good game but i went in cave with the 3 different colors and i went in the yellow and now it wont let me out why does it do that

it's fun untill i see some one pull down thier shirt or something (considering im a girl it's not as entertaining as i'm assuming it would be for a guy) but otherwise it's pretty addicting. kinda shorter than a normal rpg tho.

Music ... *twitch* heh heh ... CRAZY!!!!

I liked it, it was tricky and fun and kept me occupied. I did however find it a little anti-climactic, i did like the art work very much, i just felt like i wanted more for the amount of time a put in.

it' a ok game but I didn't understand it. still ok game though.

This is a real work of art keep up the good work and make more!

Great game so far. It's really fun.
I can't get up the castle stairs I've been sitting here for 15 minutes and I can get about 3/4 of the way up the stairs but I can't get past it. Any suggestions?

But very well done, very fun.

Meh, I can't get past getting the mushroom...I got it, and yea, nobody will help me or anything...I don't know where this "magic cog" is and I can't see the scarecrow, nothing..

Whatever...It was fun so far...

I was gonna wait to review this until i finish the game but i cant resist ^^

The game is awesome and i can notice it its long and it took alot of work for the animation and drawings (fbf) is hard and takes alot of time and pacience

Plus 10 months working on one flash is truly something to look after

I salut you and your work . It is truly marvelous and i love it

Keep going :)

This had to be the best RPG i've played on newgrounds

i can see that this would have taken a major amount of time to create...very admirable. this game is pretty awsome. but i myself am really dumb when it comes to games and get confused and lost in them, however i believe others could greatly enjoy this. even i did! awsome!

It is good and funny and cool
I couldn't beat it
I voted a 4

There is only one thing that bothered me in this game though. The sound was really messed up. It wuold keep repeating and losing sync with itself. I was getting multiple sound tracks going at once and it kept playing off sync and it drove me insane. That is something that you really need to fix. Other than that the game was awesome. Good job.

i cant get past that damn scarecrow

Woah an excellent RPG, you got my vote with the Dimmu Borgir extract in the intro... you a fan of theirs?

I found a bug i go in cave with 3 caves and green one if u go up u cant get bak out

i played this game for a good 3 hours, that in itself deserves a 10.

the game was extremely addictive and frustrating. but i enjoy a challenge and felt a sense of accomplishment when i managed to get 127% progress.

well done.

well done a very long and addictive game. yes indeed. but in a way to long.... my eyes became red next game try to shorten it up. oh yeah the music was terrible....

I got 137%, but I can't finish that one puzzle in the vampire cave. The middle front button won't light up no matter what I do!

ok I've read the reviews and the pos walkthrough you made but there is no fucking tower in dream world, there is a statue and a girl in a blue dress who only says "Welcome to teh dream world, bieach!" there is no tower i can go inside i can't even go "north" once in dream world there is a cave and an exit thats it. mabe i'm playing a different game than everyone else, i don't know, but i also don't know wtf i'm supposed to be doing in this pos game

Good job on the rpg, i'm impressed. You should defintatley keep up the good work. maybe you should consider a career in the video game business, you got the talent for it.

Watch out for ILOVETHE6667890, the user posts websites that link to virues. I nearlly got one from the website game32.agmail.info so what ever you do, don't click on that link

I adore these types of games and to think ... FLASH?! I can't imagine. If I knew a damn thing about coding I'd be attempting a fraction of this game. I too had a glitch with the gravestone puzzle though, the one that doesn't light up floats around as you go to different screens, it's an unhappy lil bugger.

But anyway, screw the people who say your spelling sucks, it's friggin Newgrounds, and even as a straight girl I love your horny nude girls. Heeeeee! And people who are saying DURRRR, it's too long, screw them too because I get so bored with these repetitive games with no depth. As for your plot, that is also irrelevant because the interface is just so BANGIN. Did you learn Flash scripting in school? I took a class with Flash in it but it was a mere introduction and I am so jealous of people with Mad Skills like yourself. Thank you for this game, it made my day. *checks out Red Devil 1*

but save often, got stuck in the corner of a room, the room where u can give the girl the magic comb who isnt in the castle.

this game is great and i almost beat it, i got all items and 4 keys, had to go to the forums to finsd all the parcels though. ANyway, where is the last key? i got the ones from crystals and gems and money and the one from the windmill but where on earth is the 3rd one?? I left the same message in the forums and i'm just seeing which one is responded to first.

theres a dam bug were when your at the water hole changing house if u hold down left while changing clothes u appear in the bleak blackness of a bug or glitch or some other problem!!!!!!! i was there and that happened, i dont no y i was pressing left but i was and i hadnt saved (my fault) and that sucked because u cant get out!!!!!!!! dam it.......... other then that it was good. but plz fix the bug. also is the hippno lvl aculy a lvl such as u get some thin or is it just for the code?

for all of those people who have gotten stuck, (myself included) go to the author's site, then click on the "forum" button and either go to "half assed walkthrough" or keep looking until you find a walkthrough that helps you.

you can tell you spent a lot of ime on this just by looking at it. you did a really good job too. i've played it and i liked it. i also played for more than a minute. unlike some other impatient bastards.

this game rocks! and you ppl have two shyt pieces of a mind...you would try and make your own game. then we'll see whos game is crappier :)

I did not like this rpg personally but it was not bad and .. was made not to bad also.. keep working on games and you will get better.

First off, your grammar sucks total ass. Makes YOU look highly stupid and unprofessional.

Also, the quest developement also sucks hot, salty BALLS. I couldn't find the "magical cog" for like, an hour. I still haven't at the writing of this review. I've read most of the reviews, seen all the hints possibly given, and none seem to work. I hate how the fact that I've loaded this game, with no idea, no direction or clue on where to go next. All I do is explore and explore, and find nothing at all.

People shouldn't be complaining about the music however, since there does happen to be a mute button, you morons.

If I can get any farther in this game, It would be nice to use some guns :D

I mean I can doiit without them I would just like to know.

this game SUCKED this is my worst review i've made.....wdf!!! ever
liscened to the song seriously something something shiny disco ball!!!!1 wdf!!!!! seriously wdf!!!! that was the first word coming out my mouth when i played this game....the only way i gave this game a 4 is becuz of the rpg engine the rpg engine is sick.....but seriously.........wdf!!!!!

I loved this game! great work!!!but... why are people referring this is japaness artwork? This is the most far you can get from anime.

over all this game was hot but the whole plot eh........ yeah so not really in to the japanish style but for all the people who like japanish style well yeah yeah but for people who don't like japanish style this won't change their mind

i can only get like 6 stars and 6 gems... and none of the space crystals... or the map...
i did get the money tho.
money guide:
1st money is in cabinet in tha basement of yur house. (100$)
2nd money is near that cave girl by the house with the spaceship. action the farthes left spikey thing. (70$)
3rd money is in that cave you can get in after u have the 3rd star. theres a chest, open it w/ the basement key. (50$)
4th money is inthe room with the woman who talks about the devil guy. action the cannon for money. (80$)
5th money: in the castle next to the girl who talks about a witch on a shroom. (60$)
also, the 6th star, you have 2 shoot the scarecrow and go to the barn to fight him. if u win, u get a star.
please halp me and appreciate this guide!

This is ok it is hard to move sometimes but hey. i wish there was some more violence but i want some more and this time more blood!!!!!!!!!

i can tbelieve you had the patience to write that much code... i usually bail at 2% when it takes that long. this thing is really amazing, have to say the music is annoying....but hey you can actually play your own songs in the game instead of the annoying ones. graphics were pretty good as well even though its not really my style, have to say though that i didnt exactly liked the looks of teh main character. but hey, thats just me. the game is still great

One thing I noticed, that think needs fixed. Is that when you click on the button to go to your website, it opens it up in the same window, thus, if you didn't save your game, there goes all that work you put into it down the drain. Maybe make it so that when it's clicked, the website opens in a new window instead. Other than that, good game.

I didnt finish the game, I opnly played for like 10 minutes. It is fun, and intresting, and my ratings are based on what play. I'd give it a 4/5.

This is a cool game, i like it. Also, the dimmu in the begining is SWEET!

only problem is, there is no auto save. i forgot to save, and died when i got to the scarecrow. but otherwise, an awesome game.

I cant find the third and fifth keys or all the hidden money parcels

:( other than that excellent game in my book.

he has been reviewing everything with this message please take no notice ...to the game Very well made i think you should but as others have noted in the caves with green blue and red lights you can get stuck ..a few graphic glitches lick being infront of the bars when going down the castle stairs but other than that good game hope your proud

This is an awesome game! I couldn't play it to the end, because I got stuck in the room with two blue-haired girls (between the wall and the chair), so I think you should work on that.
I think it's OK if you use not-formular English... that makes the game quite interesting.
Also I didn't find the bar where I could see my character's life points, and, when I was looking for it, I accidentally clicked on a linker on the left top corner, so it took me to another place and I had to start from the beginning. That sucked.

I think this game is really cool and I liked it very much. But, as you see, there are still some problems... but that's OK! I think you can work them out and then the game is PERFECT!

what font did u use i want it XD nice game too very fun to play

Well, even though the animation was good, there were atleast 3 spelling errors right at the beginning which you should be able to spot if you actually proof read.... that just shows carelessness, which is just beyond me - if you put work into a flash like this, you should put enough effort to spot some stupid spelling mistakes.

I thought this game might turn out alright, i played it as long as i could stand to. There is no story, too many problems and glitches, and just not worth my time really.

p.s. the character walks slower than a dead tortoise.

how the hell did you do all of that scripting..... anyway about the game, the music was ok but got anoying so thank god for the mute button. i like how when your character is closer to the screen you can hear the footsteps more clearly and i also like how different places appear and disappear as you go in and out of them. and how you got the movement and the stop when your player walks into something to work so well is really good. i like those blue markers that show you where to go like in final fantasy games or other rpg's.its a nice idea of how you need different costumes to get through the game. finaly as i read the other reviews the only bad ones are from peeps who dont do flash. those idiots compare this game to a ps2 game or something to give it a low score. in my opinion this is an amazing turn out for 8 months of work or even if it was 2 years its still amazing.

i usually dont play the games on here because they are mostly crap, but this one was quite well done....it was a little laggy at parts (but that could of been my comp), and i couldnt figure out how to change the music(which was good but got a little annoying). Very well done!

It´s good, but like now I saved the game, and when I loaded it, it was at the same place I saved the last time!
But overall it´s fun, a bit dirty, wierd. If you really used 10 months at it, you could at least spell right. You who reads this, the game is worth playing, but you should not waste to much time on it.

holy sh*t great game amzing game it feels as if its a ps2 game i will tell all my friends on how good this game is GREAT JOB i can tell you worked hard on it and its 3-d every body i requmend you play this can you write back it would koool to get a responsce from the person who made this ...

YOU GET STUCK IN THE GODDAMN CAVE W/ THE blue red yellow mini cave and i got stuck in the yellow mini cave w/ the chest and i cant get out and im so agrivated by it! Good job though but u still get 0.

I didn't have the time to play it all, but what I did play of it gave me enough of a clue that alot of hard work was put into this. Keep up the good work.

Simply amazing..

Not that this game is bad its just that i couldnt play it everytime i pressed play i would freeze up and a small white circle would be in the middle im sure its a good game but i couldnt play it

It was an overall gooood game, but of course there were some big problems. 1) (this may be partially my fault) i didnt se a use in the save/load function since in my game up to the scarecrow fight i hadnt expected to die, since i had never lost any life, i thought it was just to continue a game in mid progress. Anyway i died, when i was already pretty far and so i couldnt do anything but restart 2) Many layering problems qwith the graphics where you appear to be underneath objects 3) the music wasnt anything special ut i liked the music input idea 4)I felt you dont walk quite fast enough

Otherwise it was realf un, and now im pissed because ill have to start over if i wanna play right from the beginning.

P.S. Next time put more naked chicks and sex in your games *wink

very very good... the thing im at 78% of the game and i got stuck in the green cave with the chest that gives 50 gold. so i gotta start a new game, please make a way to get back to the start of the lvl or something so we dont get stuck.

Haha, very nice. It was challenging and fun at the time. Though it took me some time to thoroughly work it out, I finally managed.
Keep it up, dude.

i wiked it ^^

I don't usually give high scores, but it's entirely original. Castles, spacehips, and tons of levels -- VERY VERY addictive, plus the music works very well, too. (The girls "toying" is disturbing but laughable.)

I hope to see more! Wondeful job!!

I don't care what anybody says, this is going in my favs. I love the game, it was long but that just made it better. Every once in a while I'd get confused but I'd eventually figure it out, but now, like everyone else writing reviews...I am stuck. I have been stuck for hours. I've read cons in forums and reviews of ppl who can't get all the stars, i have almost everything though....I think...I have all 8 stars, all 7 gems, all 7 crystals, all the items (due to glitches which made me restart a few hundred times) and four keys. FOUR! I kept stalking the dissapearing chick but after finding her six times i think it glitched again because on the sixth time, in the SW dungeon room thingof the castle, she would dissapear and reapear untill i left the room, upon my return i noticed that she was no longer in the room so i continued my search....and continued...and continued...and continued....untill i have searched every room I know of on earth, in the city, on seven other planets/moon/space station but I can't find her anywhere. I was wondering if you could tell me if there was a reason for her, because you have said you didn't start with a plot, and if so what is it? I suspect that she has the last key but I can't find her and what about that tomb in the dream world? I checked there severall times but point being, I still can't find her. Would you please help me out? I would love to chat about the game sometime, but congrats and good luck in the future 5/5!

asdsdddadsdssdfasd22's really trying to get you to download a virus

awsome RPG dewd but its it intense for us brain dead rpg players......i will play till i figure this out.....ooor i will just close it out and forget about it tommarow........im stuck i got the magic cog and 2 starts and i cant figure out to do next :/ im like so lost here i went to the clock works or wat i think is the clock works (bunch of floating stuff and clocks and stuff) and i went to some hypnosis thingy and like thats wher im at right now......stareing at the clown for 15 mins.....

i cant get past that brige! i've got tree stars but it won't let me trough!!!
please help :(

;/ ;) :O


I suggest scanning the file accessible through the link below. its a virus. glad i killed it. submission is great though. but KKKlovesme SHOULD BE FUCKIN HANGED!

though i completely suck
at rpg's, including this one,
i did enjoy it. the visuals were
appealing and had its own artisitc
flare. nice to see that its hand drawn
rather then the artificial flash aniamtions
that are done by tools. the animation was
highly subperb, especially with how the
characters have a fluid, life like motion.
the story, characters, and artwork was
original, yet very bizzare. when you
start inside the house, you meet a
lot of people who happen to be into
kinky stuff, a ghost that apparently
likes bacon and drives a space ship,
theres a aztec temple, also a surreal
dream world, a talking dog, and person
dancing without her clothes...very unusual
indeed. thought, the odd and highly creative
enviroments and its inhabitants gives substance
to what might of been another bland rpg. more
icing on the cake is the ability to upload your
own music choice or preference. not that this
game doesnt already have a kickass soundtrack.
which happens to be as peculiar as the game itself.
its also nice to see that this game is pretty
lenghty and difficult, which warrants a lot
of playtime an replay value being spent
trying to accomplish it, which i never may :P
score: *****

MAn u deserve 1st place and reviewers pick! this things the bomb!
Keep this up

Wow thats really good. 30,00 lines of code? dang. You gotta use some more functions or something. 10/10

I got stuck in a cave. There is NO way out!!! Other than that it was amusing. XD LOL!!!

love the opening music, Dimmu borgir, "Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse", though the music after that is fairly annoying. if you could change that. at first the secondary music, when you get to move around was interesting, but it seemed to repeat. i liked that you could replace it with your own music.

on to the graphics. looks great, and interesting, though the plot line was a little hard to grasp. i just wandered around, looking for a plot line to follow, though i found none. i could not find the one that had the magic cog, which screwed me over good. but all in all, it could be better.

I was so hoping you'd play the full song at the begining. It's a song by Dimmu Borgir for those who only know it as the begining from Battle For Ozzfest. Anyway this RPG is amazing I give it a 10. I loved this a lot everyone should play this

Dont get me wrong it was a nice flash, but I dont understand how it can be for the ladies.. basically throughout the whole flash you showed the girl walking around in her towel, and then zoomed in on her legs and boobs... unless you meant for OTHER girls.. I dont understand. Otherwise, nice flash.. icky music.. but nice flash.

it was fun in the beginning, but i got stuck. nice try

not bad..not bad..just one thing though. i noticed this was also on you forum..but there seems to be a glitch with the gravestone puzzle. i don't know why, but the stone at t he "bottom" of the square won't light up. i've tried the "hit every button once" method and it still wont light up. little help here would be very much appreciated.

It was fun for some time

dude, the controls are ok and all but it took me like 15 minutes just to learn the basic layout of the starting area. too much random shit!


look u got great controls, a good idea and a cool style but u fuckin ruinned it. ur game is too long, its easy to get lost, nothing makes sense and theres alot o random pointless stuff. shorten the game, stop the fuckin looping music or at least give us a choice and TRY AGAIN

Loved it; make more of this

Its way too long and the "worth while drawings" promised at the end are the creators sketches of the game, nothing with nudity or sex or etc. Its not worth spending the time on. =/

Alright! A pretty fun game in general. Keep up the good work.

"Do not try and find the cog, that's impossible. Instead, only realize the truth."
"Which is...?"
"There is no cog. Then you will find that it is not the cog that bends, but yourself."

I've got mixed feelings about this game. I'm all hyped up because this dog tells me that finishing the game is worth it, and all these ideas of swimsuits and snatch-rubbing... But then everyone and their grandmother wants me to somehow produce this magical cog that doesn't seem to exist in this realm or the next. So the game ends the second someone mumbles the dreaded words
"You need the Magical Cog to enter here."

During the 15 minutes I played, I was provided with -no- clues at all as to what I should be doing, or what I currently was doing. It was like one great big game of charades. Everyone was doing something, but not telling you what.

And Christ almighty, I hated the music in that game. Shiny Disco Ball is now branded on my brain.

This is one of the cases where someone has the ball and doesn't drop it, but they just don't know what to do with it. I'll be honest, man. There's lots of room for improvement. Most if needed in quest development. I'm sure the next one will be better, right?

I got stuck a few times... also it gives no clues at all at the end on how to beat its. Other than that the game is awsome. Oh.. and I can't find the space map. >.<

can you please tell me wut to do...cuz i don't get this thing at all!

has potential, looks like a lot of work went into this. nicely programmed, smooth animation. i like it.

Press all keys at the same time and you shall do the 'Sanch Dance.' Its like the moonwalk except your not moving... as in moving your feet... but not moving :o

You know, I'd really appreciate a walkthrough if anybody has one...

This is a really really hard game I want to see the freakin city I mean come on this is a hard game. Anyway this is really easy game to get used to. All the action comes when you get the swimsuit and the guns. This a really good game. This game is also long for you unpatient people out there its about 2 minutes until you quit.

Ps.This is for all you guys who can't find the magic cog. You go to dream world go to the little tower talk to the sandman which is a girl in there she will tell you that she doesn't go the cave by the tower when you go inside the cave keep going forward you will be outside all of sudden keep going forward till you see yet another girl talk to her and she will give you the magic cog. Say thank you punks.

Make it have the abilty to turn off the music then it would be just fine.

But the engine's response time with menus and such is a little on the slow side.

the engine is really good..its kinda slow at most time, but I guess that could be overcome if you had used bitmaps instead of vectors..
now..what really made the agme go down the hole was the lack of story..on the introduction you are walking..back to home or somenthing, and then a ufo with ghosts crash into a house..and the you get stuck inside after you go in through the window..and the ghost let you out with the paperbag..for some..weird reason thats not quite explained..and only one person seems to care about a goddam spaceship crashed into the house..everybody else in thre act like they dont care..and you, ho aparently have no reason to be there is taking care of it all..I didnt come to play much more after you go out of the house and theres a lot of places to go with no indication on where to..I wasnt enjeying it very much before, so I just quit...
I hope you can re-use the engine for other games..so next time you dont have to work so hard on it and you can concentrate more on the story and those other things..

let me start out with, wow, great game! well, maybe not as much great as HUGE. not that I played through all of it, it lost my interest after walking into that strange cave and being told some weird stuff seemingly entirely unrelated to my quest by some strange witch. hard to tell though, because I have absolutely NO idea what my "quest" was. that's the single largest problem this game has, there is no introduction to the story! now, admittedly I didn't play around long enough to find if there even was a story to introduce, but isn't that half the problem? I got bored because I didn't understand what was going on. also, you need more barriers between areas, I mean I walked a huge distance and I landed somewhere without any idea what was going on. that's the second largest problem!

OK, now that that's been said... a bunch of bugs and other miscellaneous comments:
some kind of switch layer bug in one of the early rooms made the girl lying on the bed appear under it...
when I was fiddling around with the music options, I didn't know what button to press to get away so I clicked everything and was redirected to your homepage... in the same window as the flash! meaning I had to start over again, which kinda sucks (I hadn't come very far but nonetheless irritating)
you really need to scroll the backgrounds properly... it's not that hard programming that stuff, I could tell ya how to...
you've got a nice and innovative inventory system, but it should be clearer when you can use objects and when you can't.
the dialogue boxes don't look very good, in fact they just don't look good. graphics are overall ok, not spectacular, but ok.
why did the ghost stand in front of the door? and why did it disappear when I used the paper bag on it? OK so I gather it got scared or whatever, but when I pressed space in front of the ghost (at the same time being in front of the door it was blocking) I just warped outside, no explanation given, no little animation or whatever. this might seem a irrelevent detail but I think it's symptomatic: the entire game could need asking itself, WHY? well I suppose this is related to the problem of not having a proper introduction to the story but it seems to me it goes beyond that somehow...

All that said, it's a good game, even kind of great for being portal material. These commentaries I'm giving you are only meant to help you get better. And well, I actually spent more time writing them than playing your game so I hope you find them remotely helpful.

good luck on future games!

I like the way you thought this through. The game has that RPG feel to it, whereas other games that say they are like RPGs dont have anything to do with RPGs. I have a good feeling you will be getting an award (or two) for this one. Keep up the great work comrade.

that was a great game. but was the character a boy or a girl???¿¿¿

I really liked that game! I could play it for ever...

btw, you you guys are really looking for cheats then go to Tcartoon's website.

The graphics and way you have it setup is incredible you're just lacking a good plot and characters.
Geminipilot is right how it lacks purpose.

The graphics and system of this game are marvelous. The animation is incredibly fluid, all dimensions are perfectly contiguous, and your character design is fine.

However, the whole lacks any purpose - collect some randoms items from random people doing random things to get more things to allow you to do more random things. Most of these items I run into and don't even realize that I have because there is no message system. The message system that exists has glitches - once I speak with someone I can't use the action button again for a few seconds. And when people automatically speak with me, they say their three lines and disappear before I get a chance to read anything. Most others line were pointless or wrong ("talk to me again and i'll show you the girl"). As the game went the characters said progressively more pointless things. Spelling and grammar died, as well. The only things that I realized as I went on were "Hey, I've got health - and I'm being hit by arrows!" and "I have a swimsuit... somehow." Although confined locations are contiguous, area changes are not. In the areas around the castle every new area entered changed the orientation, frequently causing a loop between two areas.

Great game engine, bad game design.

Where the hell is tha Magic Cog!?

Unfortunately, I don't have time to play through all of it, but on the surface it looks like a pretty nice piece. I particularly liked the way you made the sprite grow and shrink with distance. A lot of people don't pay attention to things of that nature

i think it's just me but i can't get anywhere, andwhy can't i talk to blonde girl with the pigtails? anyways it good

well then... sorry about the numbers, i just randomly picked them to get to the review... I played this game for about 2 min and thought it was really weird so i stopped. But youve inspired me to start playing rpg games again! yay

great intro music. im not into rpg games because i think that they r kinda slow and boring, but this was pretty cool.

It was a cool game from what I saw but I got stuck on the stairs in the left tower in the castle and by the mushoom thats on fire but beside that great game.

stuck in the city, i think theres a glitch with the vampire's cave thingy. the centre stone nearest to the entrance doesnt light up. what gives? how many gems are there supposed to be anyways?

anyhew, great rpg! funny characters, original gameplay... good stuff!

I can tell you put alot of work into this! It was really well programmed. The thing is, that this isn't my type of game. But I wont let my opinion affect my descision in rating this game. 10/10!

Whoa-this 2nd part is a big hop, jump, and skip form the last one. It's looks really good! I'm impressed. I think I'm becomg a fan of your work becasue your games aren't hard to try and firgure out what to do. Also, the music is real good. I really liked the opening. But what was the name of the opening music that was playing? That was hot! I look forward to more of your stuff ^ ^

didnt finnish it yet, but still good so far
Might have ran into a bug tho, I could close the options menu once, clicking 'options' didnt work, pressing 'o' didnt work either.
Aside from that all went smooth

One Q tho: what the song used for 'home' ?
I like it ;-)


Pretty mind blowing stuff!! Can't wait for more!

Just like Broken Sword, which I liked, and the fact that you can upload music!
Personally, I would make money out of this, and anyway

Its the Sweet Smell of Success.This Game Should Be put on a gameing system

One problem is that after getting through about 2/3 of it, I got stuck in the cave with the chest in it. I wasn't able to leave ><. I had to restart the game. However, from what I played it is a steller game. Great job!

I got stuck in one of the caves, the green one next to the lady who says "All gems are important"

It pissed me off because I had to completely restart and it had taken me nearly a half an hour to get there x_x;;

I like the style of this game, but seriously, you should fix the grammer. Overrall its really neat

I could not get into the castle, the one faerie said "Go see the girl under the waterfall" I went, I couldn't talk to her and I couldn't give her any items... so either it was giltched or what.

That was quite the original RPG. I liked how you could add your own music into the flash, but you should've had a BROWSE buttob, because there are some retards who have no idea how to do that shit!! Nice job!

ovrall...8,its good but,come on,

Good game, entertaining, but seriously dude... you gotta do a spell check on some things before you publish a game.

It was freggin awesome, I'll admit, but I think it'd be better if I knew the cheats.... what are they?

It was just weird.

wow that shite was gud eat ya heart out EA games tm

it's obvious that you did a lot of work and this deserves a 10.

I think this is a good game, u can select different music and the environment is just so cool, for example the lady in the left top room who is reading a magazin and when u walk to her her head turns to u, these little things just make it a very nice game.

this does not come up on my pc so i give 0/0 OBVIOUSLEY!!!

ok u know in the dram wolrd, u go into the ancient ruins area, then when u get in there u walk down and into the hallway that is simi hidden if u walk into the wall on the left with the carving of the people on em u walk on the empty area

Good job. The only thing I'm wondering about is the barn glitch. How come we can't enter it to find the scarecrow? Other than that, this is one of the best games I have played on Newgrounds.

P.S. To whoever asked: Get the third star by finding the magic comb, climbing a shitload of stairs and giving it to the dumbass upstairs. All of this is inside the castle.

BEST RPG EVER ON NEWGROUNDS!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING. excellently put together, very smooth gameplay. i especially commend the author for the amount of DETAIL that has been been put into this game, everything is unique about this game. I feel that it appeals to everyone, not just rpg fans. 10/10

Comments to the author: im not sure but there might be a glitch when looking for the scarecrow (i couldnt enter the barn, is it a glitch or am i not allowed in the barn till i do something??)

I dont know the game was kind of boring to me you should also try to make it less confusing i think my space bar was broke during the game or im not supposed to use space bar to pick up items but then how am i writing this revew ? Well im actually using a slow computer since my brther has the laptop. IM confused i dont know what to think.

The only game that has astonished me this much was Interactive Buddy. But now, I think I am even MORE amazed. I don't think this is really better than Interactive Vuddy in terms of how fun it is. But this definatly beats it in everything else. I mean WOW! I didn't even know that this was possible on flash...FLASH! think about it! Wow you really did an amazing job. At first I thought this would be like a sprite RPG but its not! You've combined the Sims and a pure RPG to create one of the best games 've ever seen online. W-O-W :0!

man plaing it for like 3 hours and its fun and funny lol all the girls flash you lol only problem is im stuck on the keys lol can find out how to get the other 3 since i dont know were to go and cant find all the hidden cash lol GJ

but the game didn't make any scence how you could use items and if u give an item it doesn't get removed from ur inventory and it didn't gave any clue wat to do

btw anyone know where to get the third star? lol

i love that song, and was really suprised to hear it whilst playing the game.
the game itself was really sweet, as it combined the sims type gameplay - excellent -along with an RPG concept sorta thing.
also, the movie at the beginning was sweet, i really liked watching that.
overall, the game was just great. the graphics were extremely detailed, the animaiton was second to none, and the sound effects + music + gameplay made for just an excellent game all up. i really loved playing. well done!

got halfway through and clicked the button at the top left to goto your website and it killed my game ~_~

i like everything exept I CANT GET ANYWHERE and...thats about it

Right nice.

The best Rpg On newgrounds!!!!!! This is so good. It is way better than most games for ps1 lol. And a couple for ps2. Man i hope yur gettin payed for this cuz it is pro

It shows that you took 10 months to make. Nice animations, especially.

This will blow you away. THe best game I have ever played on the web!

very good second Red Devil RPG.
the first one was pretty cool, but i liked this one a lot better. much better graphics and an even better challenge.
good work.

really really great, one of the best game in newgrounds! watch out! this is hot...it's going right on the front page tonight!!!

score: 5 stars! (front page or front page to be)

-first 5 stars submission reviewd by cyberblade13!- yay

finally not a piece of shit flash


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3.81 / 5.00