Battle of 800 B.C.

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Yeah, one of my first action films! Hope it does good. TURN DOWN THE QUALITY FOR BETTER PLAYBACK!


wow this really ain't that bad ^.^

the graphic are okay and here voices ae funny gj


There was definatley 5 minutes of my life i'll never get back. That was lame, lame, and oh yeah, more lame.
Poor graphics, poor........, never mind, just all a bad idea.

love it

i just love old time wars do some more gd 1s ok and quick


I love allz your work man but, you forgot to respond to a lot of my reviews! Whats taking you so long man ...?! I mean, c'mon, i want to hear what my best friend has to say about my opinion! Great flash. It deserved to pass judgement. This has to be the best flash you've made thus far. You should make games goddammit! I like everything but where's the gaming part of your flash talent?! I'm improving on flash now so I could help you with a few flash. If your dying to know my style of drawing, then check my profile. That profile pic right there, that's a work of art. From me ... I dont mean to brag. If your planning to make a game, well at least notify me. Unfortunatly I cant have AIM until my moms b-friend deletes the virus on my computer. You can't email me either. My email wont work. I try yo view my unread mail and it switches to this "search for" thing. It always does that. So the best way to communicate is by review-2-response. Now, about the movie, perfect. Though the stuff moved kind of slow, I really liked it but you should've added more out posts and forts and gates and stuff so it would draw the attention of the person viewing your flash! I meant to give you a 10/10, but even though i your fan and friend, I cant always vote 10/10. You gotta know what I think should go in your flash. Check out my favorites and you'll fing out a pattern for a few of em. One of them has nothing to do with the others. Hey, this aint a math problem. Just saying. I think ima add this to my favorites and there will be 2 things that are different from the rest. That concludes my review cuz for some reason, i always want to watch your flash and review em cuz they're always good. And there's a slight problem in the movie. After the guy fired his 1st few arrows in the begnning, it went on to the next scene where it showed the knight guys just standing there and the were all strangely flat! *sigh* Im not going to explain what i think would be best in there so im just going to make a list only it's not really a list. 1) make more soldiers. The silver guys with armor i mean. They all look great but they dont have enough soldiers 2) add a historic touch to the background like forts and cannons etc. 3) work on the voices. I dont need to explain THAT *snicker* 4) add a *ehem* historic roman, war music or something. Any kind of war music would be ok with me. You probably did but i cant hear a thing (my speakers are sort of broken but i KNOW that u have to fix the voices cuz of the many reviews i've read) and thatsit. Remember, I can't always give you a 10/10. Sorry. ------P.S. guess who i am Alex. *cough* Art *cough cough* hur. Combine those letters and you'll know. This is one of my logest reviews. Remember to check the others as well! ^_^

ABob responds:


Thank u too much for this review! Ur one of my best and biggest fans! if it weren't for u i probaly wont still be on Flash! By the way, I did make a game called...Anti-Pokemon...it was blammed. But anyways thanks for everything!!! Look out for my future DVD!

Not bad, really.

You aren't bad at animating with Flash. But the action was a little unecessary. I've seen better quality Flash with less slowdown, and it was on low. And if you're recording your own sounds, honestly, try a little harder... o_0

You demonstrated a knowledge of Flash animation, but you need a lot of work. Keep at it.

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2.34 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2005
9:09 PM EST
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