Pikanjo Jam #3

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LF's Biggest Fan... holy shit, thats funny. I wonder, is there an actual toadie that obsessed? Makes you think...

this just sucks

you have words and a new form of voice for the first one...even i can do that, and i can't do shit at the time being, then you have a frame by frame which made even less sense then most frame by frames, then you have the dreaded clock voices with their talk about gay ass fuckings like you people get

You know it's funny

People complain how boring popular flash artists like IllWillPress or Legendary Frog are, Piconjo and his crew are no different. Actually that's not true... they're worse.

another flash that just makes fun of other artists

tch.. you talk about overused jokes, you use the same ones too and they're not even funny, like i said before, learn how to make a flash that doesn't make fun of other artists.

Will you just die...Or at least take lessons..

Learn how to make flashes. You had no transitions in lip movement. And stop using windows as your pupet use your own voice or tape a peice of crap its all the same. The images are some times are allright.