The Bounce

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It's a nice simple game that we hope you can have fun with - we hope you enjoy it.
BBQ and I(monkokio) decided to take a quick break and challenge ourselves by making a game in only 6 hours during 1 sitting. We ended up going a little over, and that cut right into my sleep time

the song is called Waltz in Blue by Jean-Jacques Burnel


I don't know all the buttons : (

How do you use ALL the buttons? I got like a weapon that looks like a star but I can't use it? Also the very highest item I got but I couldn't use it. I know you're supposed to kill all the reds to advance to the next level, but I need to know how to use the guns.

An awsome way to kill a few minutes

Legato15 can stick it. This game was original and fun. Not to mention relaxing. I thought the whole bouncing Giraffe thing was cool so step off. It's a style.

THE cutest game ever!

This game is so cute! The music ties in perfectly. I almost wanted to go to sleep while playing it! I love the simplicity of the graphics. I like simple things. I don't mean this in a bad way, but with the music and the simplicity, it is almost meant for toddlers, which is cool!


This game has that special something. It's simple, yet addictive with a dollop of whimsy. Brought a smile to my face.


this is the stupidest game ive ever seen, absolutly no point to it at all, along with all that you to go put crapy french music in it, you might as well listen to britny spears

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4.18 / 5.00

Feb 26, 2005
3:39 AM EST
Skill - Collect