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Superheroes 4.5

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the critcally acclaimed conclusion to episode IV. Superheroes 5 takes the world by storm, and brings the word 'ish' to a new level.
Please view our other 'Superheroes' movies if you want to have your mind numbed further.

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Pretty interesting group of superheroes, especially liked arnold at the end (great impersonation).


another good episode in superheroes, although i didn't like seeing 50 cent in it, and i didn't understand the brick scene with cap'n dank. that was just weird. otherwise, it was another cool one.

More killing of 50 is a plus!

It was crap until 50c got offed.... That was mostly because of the bad voicing and the fact that it sounded just like 50c when he talked. Even Kurt Kobane would listen to 50c and say "WTF did he say?". Bob Dylan would just sit there and nod, then try to ask someone that only says they understand him because they hang on, and say "Who was that? Mike Tysons' brother? What was he going on about? Does he want to do a duet or something?". Fact is 50c sux and all these 10th generation wiggers have no clue. I get how you can like Eminem (the white trash american) because frankly you got to like someone like yourself because the others are to scary. Oh, crap I'm rambling about these morons again. Rich boys who don't know what is is to spend a night in the projects, or play ball on a real street court. If they are lucky they get to hang around with the local "Rap Star" who lives in the next condo over. You know, the rapper keeping it "street (for real)" but only ever goes to the outskirts of a project to film their videos now.

*<}:o) H-D


lol, i got nothing more to say
that wuz just niceeee
make more!

numbness: sustained XD !!!! :D

ME LOVES!! hahaha!
dude, i love this series. at first i dont think i did, but that was ages ago :P hahah. over time, i've learned to greatly enjoy the humor, mainly caused by the awesome voice acting mixed with the dialogue written down in the actual movie, haha.
oh, and dont forget the random factor! haha.
great story line, great conclusion, and excellent word selection when you were doing Arnie, that was great, hahah. overall, another extremely excellent random episode of... Sooopeeerrr Heeeeerooooees!