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Kitoma V.2

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Author Comments

A cool new level with high gravity and a Speed Skill!
-->It includes the first level too.
An upgraded zord item will randomaly apper.

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ok i guess

Well as i can tell you must of work hard on this but i will be honest at first i thought it was a person from a birds eye view but its not the best buttt

Quality > Quantity!

Slightly better than the first version of 'Kitoma', but I am rather disappointed that with a whole new version you have made much little change…
Firstly, graphics. An aspect in the game that I am disappointed you have not changed at all. The graphics are still average, but as an author you should ALWAYS be aiming above average in your work, push yourself to the best effort you can make! I still feel that 'MS Paint' mood of the game because I get the impression you didn't spend an awful lot of effort on the graphics; A few straight lines and circles - all your graphics were something I could make with ease using the shape tools on 'Paint'. The game looks too simplistic, and in turn FEELS too simplistic; I still see no evidence in you drawing with curves and making your surroundings detailed, the game looks empty as you just have a few characters that look simplistic plonked onto the screen at a time. Add detail to the character you control, give him a more human-like and ninja form to him, give him eyes and a face that turns angry when you slash away at enemies - give your characters a personality! Make the game more realistic by including some human opponents and like I suggested in the review for your last version, build on the surroundings! Produce a more life-like environment with animated clouds, rain and thunder storms; a shaded background is not terrible, but it's definitely not the best you can do and it won't make the game more appealing to the eye for the player.
Sound again is average, but it's got room for improvement. Like I have mentioned before, the music is slightly action-packed but it is repetitive and goes around in an annoying loop after a short amount of time, I feel you should add a music button to allow the player to choose their background music - when you aim to please and match everybody's preference, you generally can't go wrong. Also, I am disappointed at the lack of sound effects, this could really build on the whole environment concept. I am glad to see you have adding a noise to when you swing the sword, but there's still a lot of things you have missed out; such as the noises of jumping, and maybe even surrounding sounds like rain or thunder. And why not the occasional scream in pain or grunt of agony from your opponent when you make sliced cheese of them? Thes sounds are all yours for the taking, and so far you've only added 1 since the last version.
Game-play again, is the core element of the game because it FEELS good as you swing your sword through enemies, the keyboard control to activate that swinging motion of the sound really boosts up the interactivity just that extra little bit.
However, like I've complained before the action is all too simplistic and moves along too slowy, again the collision detection is a bit off and it's a shame to see you haven't fixed that because it makes the game more frustrating, and you don't want to make a player frustrated so they end up throwing their keyboard trough their computer screen! I feel the game-play has real potential if only you'd build up more on it - I liked the new Zord item and the new level in this version, but is that really all you could add in the whole new version? What we need here is excitement and action - give the WHOLE of the game a more speedy feel and have enemies rush onto the screen at you, maybe even the music could get fast and tense when you have to kill lots of enemies on the screen, improve the AI of the enemies and even add interactivity to your surroundings. I like the Zord item but that still isn't enough; widen the arsenal of weapons you can use and use more power-ups, and allow us to slash of different parts of an opponent’s body!
Once again a game that has the potential to go far with improvement. I cannot help but be disappointed that, this was all you managed to improve, It's quality of submissions, not quantity!

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An good start

Some definite changes could be mad though. The controls were a bit wierd. What's the diff between a zord, a zord flip and the other one? they all look the same to me??? I think the graphics could've been done a bit better too. Finally, the game overall was confusing. I beat the second "boss", the lizard/snake thing and it said modern sword, underneath a box and then a button said continue. i clicked continue and it said game over and showed my score. I dont know if i dies or finished the game or what? plz try to rectify.

coolroy responds:

Well about the "Game Over" thingy - you can't get to there if you don't finish the game cuz if you die a "Restart" button appers.

It was hard to avoid enemys and hard to understand

controls sucked

ok, but not great

it was fun but to hard 2 avoid enemies

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2005
5:08 PM EST