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Metroid The Attack Part 1

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This is my first movie. I decided to do a Sprite Movie about Metroid because it's my favorite game.

This is a story of B.S.L what has over a million Bounty Hunters Training. It gets attacked by Space Pirates. This is Part 1. Part 2 will be released some day.

Musics are:
VS Space Pirates (MP2)
Dark Samus Appears (MP2)
Multiplayer - Dark Echoes (MP2)
Crateria Theme (Orchestrated)
Super Metroid - Theme (trance mix)

I got Metroid Prime 2 Musics from Metroid Database and the others I found in the internet.

Sprites are from The Spriters Resource




It was good, but you kinda have to work on yore Engrish.


Everything was really good, but I dont think anyone in a power suit would die so easily.
Also when he space pirates board the ship, they start to fight a bounty hunter, but he/she doesn't die in one hit like the other ones later in the story.


no ei paskempi ekaks flashiks...... kyl tällä tyylillä hyvin luulis pärjäävä.......mut tee toisee osaa jotai omaperästä et saat siitä kiinnostavan,kuten esim. lisää omaa grafiikkaa vähäse ja niin ees päi. mut wi toikaa paha ollu ^^

Good for a first movie.

I thought the movie was decent, although certain areas left a lot to be desired. The little color change boxes around the characters (a slight change in colors around characters) were very noticeable, and the death scenes left much to be desired as well. I can understand after heavy fire power a suit exploding, but when they killed one sleeping, just a red blast would be all you saw. I'm not saying them exploding is bad, but mix the deaths up. Have some explode, some get impaled in vital areas with instant deaths, some lose both of their legs and slowly bleed to death as the pirates charge on in the attack leaving them behind. That kind of stuff. Spelling also noticeably needing a look over. Using except for expect, for example. Don't take these critiques the wrong way, I only say them so your next part to this can be that much better. The fights were above average, quick and to the point as they should be, but not always 1 hit blow outs or anything like that. Fights tend to end quickly. Music was good, although would have loved more sound effects for when they fire, explode, doors open, etceteras. Hope you have another one come out soon.


It was good, and had a nice plot, the only thing that bothered me is that alot of poeple had power suits, the chozo built the power suit specificaly for Samus, other wise it rocked.

Sorry kinda a Metroid Fanatic

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3.09 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2005
6:31 AM EST
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