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Level 1 is finaly finished:

#Damage Respontation
#Modern Zord Item

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Fun little game

fun little game you have here add some improved backrounds, and some more details to the main character would also help, good size for the game aswell as having a good fun factor to it


It's umm, uhh shitty

I don't know, I just didn't enjoy it. The graphics, that sword sound, the small length of that so-called "sword", there were some glitches also involving the loss of health.

Pretty nice

Pretty cool. But in response to the sword-sound thing, I'd rather have it like it is now than have it play the same cheesy cutting sound every hit, that would get really annoying. It's good how it is in my opinion.

Not bad

Could be a lot better if you worked on it. One bad thing though theres no sound to the swords n stuff. Whenever you hit the enemy it dosen't make a sound so you don't know if you hit the guy or not. So you have to look at the health bar to see if you did damage which distracts you from the whole game. Make a sound for if he got hit like astabbing sound. But pretty good game. good job!

Could go far if you build on it

Not a bad start to what could be, with some good tweaking a good game. But I'm being honest in saying that it does need multiple improvements.
First off we have the graphics of your game. The graphics aren't actually awful and anything to get below average marks per say, but they definitely could be better. To be truthful I did feel that the graphics had that 'MS Paint' sort of element to them: A simple background, a few characters something most people could do. I couldn't help but thinking that the graphics were much too simplistic - you used straight lines and complete circles, you can easily do these with the tools on 'Paint' and I saw no evidence of you using any graphics that you could have made without using a ready-made shape tool. Obviously you need to improve this and the detail of your graphics on the whole. I appreciated the shading effect on the sky but the graphics only really consisted of a few objects, an occasional tree if you're lucky. You really need to put more detail into not only the character (I mean the player you control has no eyes, you should add them, make him detailed, give him a 'personality' but the effects on the whole. Add detail into the background, go wild! Why not add some animated moving clouds, some rain, sun, and even lightning animations for that real lifelike effect? Add setting and mood by physically changing the environments in which the player indulges in.
Sound on the other hand doesn't need quite so much improvement. The sound is action-packed and catchy for the first time but it gets annoying after a while. Why not add a button allowing players to choose the music? And I cannot fail to see the lack of sound effects. Like I said before, just experiment and go wild! Add jumping sound effects, environment sounds such as thunder, and let's not forget a satisfying slashing noise' and even the occasional grunt and scream of agony from your opponents as you thrust your sword right through them.
Gameplay is not only where this gameplay shines the most, but it is also where the game would have excellent potential if you improved in this concept. The gameplay is fun for a while because I like the samurai feel to it; and that swinging motion you use to kill your opponent? Very satisfying because it actually FEELS like your controlling the sword and not just clicking a button, oh yes there's nothing more satisfying than slashing your opponent in half in mid-air! This is a good game style but you really need to build on that - the game moves along too slowly and the collision detection is a bit off; I found times where I swung my sword directly through an enemy but nothing happened as a result. Obviously you need to sort this out and make the game more fast paced because this game needs to have a more exciting feel to it. The game was all too short and easy because of the shortage of enemies on the screen. Give us a challenge! Make enemies storm onto the screen in groups and make your enemies more intelligent - you could even make them work in groups and have some human enemies that dwell their own swords! And let's not forget power-ups: For example power-ups that make your sword bigger, shrink it, make you invincible, a choice of different samurai weapons such as nun chucks and even a power-up that gives you better speed and power for a slashing frenzy for a limited amount of time. All these things are yours for the taking, and you could even have a scoring system, for example a game system where you can slash off different individual parts of the opponent's body and get a score for each part. That's just an idea though.
Overall not a bad game as it scores average at the moment. It's fun but a little too simplistic, I know I have mentioned ways you cab improve mostly but I feel you should be open to criticism; as honestly I do feel with improvement this has great potential. I hope you found my suggestions helpful and well done :)

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