My Cats Sleep in the Nude

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Well... I hate to do this, but this could be my last submission. My dream of being an animator is being raped by my real life job that is leeching every free minute I have.

Getting too bummed and stressed out trying to find time that doesn't exist to hit the art table and I guess work wins. Here's a piece that would have been a master piece, but I have to bow out accept that my job is crushing my dream of being an animator.

It's an ugly 2hr commute and lots of homework projects programming c/c++ applications, all very time consuming shit...14-16 hours a day lost to work and driving... sucks and I hate every lost minute that could have been placed in here.



it started well.. then just went down hill

well i will give you this score with hopes that the ending would leave my mind..up till the "fuck the pussy's" point it was ok and pretty funny a bit of color would have added alot of quality but not bad

PureCarnage responds:

I'd like to get it done, but I have to be honest, I just can't squeeze the time in... :(

jesus christ

it started out kinda normal, then whammo, crazy beastiality shit, hahaha that was pretty funny.

PureCarnage responds:

Yeah, it's full of suprises.


i like the little south park "suck my balls " part at the end

PureCarnage responds:

Gotta love South Park :D


Even if it will be your last one, its a great one...hope you'll be back to make more!

PureCarnage responds:

Thanks Punji, I'd love to but just no room in my life right now for the art.

Not going to stress about it.

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3.33 / 5.00

Feb 25, 2005
1:29 AM EST
Comedy - Original