Martial Arts Marmotte

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ok this is the 1st of the martial arts marmotte series that i did quite a while back to be converted to flash i hope you enjoy take care all :)


Make my day.

It wasn't bad, in fact, I quite liked it! But you should try putting more humour in it.
PS: Icouldn't hear what he said, but than again, my boxes are like crap. >:-(


It is far from the worst animation I have seen in my life and believe me, these eyes have seen some shit, lots of it, and it still haunts my memory :'( anyway I liked the 3-d animation incorporated into this movie and I am glad to see this passed judgement, it would have been a waste of your work to simply have it blammed by common assholes who cant see talent if it walked up and kicked their ass, anyway good job, I will look forward to more of your flashes


wouldnt call that an episode more like a story fart-all the pieces are there-but the 3d slows it and bogs it up more than you need


haha good one didn't see that comin.

nice one

a bit different frmo your shaolin boy series, but its always great to see a new series in the making too. good job, i hope to see more from both series.

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3.20 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2005
6:36 PM EST
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