Ghost wrath

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Game has 4 levels and evil BOSS in the end. Controls: move by cursor hit by A,S. It's on Russian, but you don't need to know it to play. If I know English good then I'll make English version. Take a fun.
You say level 4 is hard, so you need help. Here is the tips:
1.Blade traps appears from blue blocks
2.Enemys that slide forward-back: if you kill it when it's speed is about 0 it will appear with the same speed(without moving).
3. Press A,S not with same time. You can hold it to continue slash.



You have yourself a new fan. Love ghosts and love to play as them! Ghost Wrath: like squrily wrath, except with a ghost. Keep it up!

GameBalance responds:



I loved this game a lot.Thank You and please make a lot more of these and even better.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks! I want to and I think I can.

good but Orbox is better

I played this cause I liked your other submission (Orbox). This is cool but I feel like it was missing something. Very enjoyable though, keep up the flash.

GameBalance responds:

This is my first flash game v1.1 and it's better then the first version(it's even has no intros and preloader). Maybe it's too hard thing to make it alone.


I can fly... No it was really good liked that alot. Simple but effective. At the start i felt invincible and nothing can stop be then it felt like verything was killing me simaltaninlys. WARNING THIGS RESPAWN Fightinmg as a bit basic

GameBalance responds:


A fairly solid game.

At first it seemed like there were too many parts where damage was unavoidable, and I still can't work out how to get past a couple of bits without taking a hit (it seems in a good game, damage should always be due to the player's mistakes and always avoidable).

E.g., at the start of the 1st level (the spider) and the start of the 2nd (going down with 3 tongue-lashing things to the right).

The graphics are nice as is the music and the game as a whole rewards skill once the basic enemies have been recognised and learnt.

The story does look fairly interesting, but the game as a whole is enjoyable enough without it.

The final boss is my one sore point - 20 attacks in a row seems far too repetitive and I would have much rather it had maybe done maybe 7 one way, 7 another, then mixed up the last 6.

As it is, it's far too reliant on repeating previous success without any conditions having changed and on previously learned knowledge (the latter an argument that could be made against various parts of the game).

Still, it was a fun thing to play and I look forward to more from you.

GameBalance responds:

Thanks a lot! Nice to read it!

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3.74 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2005
6:07 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other