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Minushi - Chapter 9

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Man, this was really really amazing. At first, I didn't like the style of the people, but when its compared to the dubbing and the subtlety of the animation, its really really great. I love the "giants" too. I'm going to watch all of the episodes. I loved it, keep it coming.


ive seen every single episode so far and thier absolutely wicked

gah- it ate my review.

My previous review was too long, here's the gist of what I said.
Great job in this latest installment. In the genre of science fiction we are bombarded by two types of bad writing: that which applies too much science and weighs down the story with excessive details or the kind that allows us just enough of a "moral" without detailing any of the finer points in explaining the motions and whims of the authors intent. In this latest episode we see the progressive movement from the sentimental search to find a lost brother into the autonomous journey of one girl in defining what true humanity is. You've combined the best aspects of science fiction in this: mechanization versus humanity (asimov), humans as selfish xenophobes (Wells), and the qustion of what is life (Verne).
In keeping this brief- you're making this series a magicians game of sleight of hand- you show us only enough to keep our rapt attention while at the same time the subliminal truth stretches out before us. As I stated in my last paragraph- the Xanthamedes (sp?- nice play on Archemedes) legend is the foreground for this whole drama. What is humanity? Is it our emotions or our industrial advancements (i.e. technology) that defines our species?
Your writing is solid and the dialogue shows that- in episode Eight for example Ezra's explanation of voice recognition software is just enough to satisfy the audience's curiosity without going into overt detail. Furthermore we are brought back to the story by Trixy's comment about him being a nerd- this is ultimately a very altruistic statement that any of us could and would make in such a situation.
What makes this a great series is the fact that you keep coming back to this even in your artwork. By using such narrow defined lines and drawn out colors (i.e. faded) you show us the abstraction in which our world has been reduced through conflict. Same instance- you allowed light to be reflected of eyes- this makes not only the facial expressions, but the dialogue to reach new levels of sincerity.
Et al you attain something that few authors can percieve- replay value. You keep drawing us further into the world of Tinker (possibly the Xathamedes (again for misspelling) robot) and Trixy by mixing humanity with the the wonders futurity offers. You show us just enough to keep us honest and interested while foreshadowing the series of events still to come in the next ten episodes. You allow your audience to enjoy- you get us to suspend our sense of disbelief and still satisfy our needs. As the poster in ep. 8 suggests, "The devil is in the details."
Great job~

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wow man! great stuff! awesome drwings!!! I wish I could do something like this! just the ppl that are kinda weird :P 5/5

Keeps on getting better

This movie keeps on getting more and more amazing by the episode. Not to mention, I think the animation itself has improved dramatically from the first in the series. Great great work, can't wait to see the next chapter.

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