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This took me a while to make, I got a bunch of syntax errors while creating it... Well it started out as an inbetween project from "Retard Attack" and grew into so much more. This is version 1.0 The second version will have custom beats by me...

The beats are taken from songs and sped up. The bands names are.

"System of a down"
"Avenge Seven Fold"
"Three days grace"
"Hidden in plain view"
"My Chemical Romance"



But it was pretty entertaining for a while,I guess Punk-o-Matic is much more 'user-friendly' because at some points I was confused on what to do, but overall it wasnt bad at all, much better than most of the stuff you see come through the portal

Dommx responds:

Thanks Matt! =D

pretty damn bad

if i want to do something like this I'll use the punk-o-matic

Dommx responds:

Okay, then do that, thanks for telling me how to improve retard.


I didnt really understand what you had to do, some instructions would have been nice, anyway, nice choice of sounds, nice graphics, im guessing you had to put them in an order so they sound god??I dont really know, nice work though!

Dommx responds:

Haha, a lot of people are complaining but I simply don't have enough time at the moment, it was a little project, anyway.... Yeah you drag the numbered squares to the top gray box, and then hit play.

Very creative!

Congratulations! It is very nice and it could be very interesting to develop it better.

Dommx responds:

Thanks The second version is out now, more techno like

It was alright

I really like the music of course, im glad u went the alternative rock/metal route. I see a lot of improvement and potential for this, i think its a great starting point.
I would like to the buttons labeled like what type of sound it is, and listen to it before you play it and stuff...maybe mix the sounds better together cuz they don't always mesh well i guess..i don't know much about it, its better than anything i could do but i would really love to see a much improved version of this cuz i love stuff like this, thanks!

Dommx responds:

Yeah I know it doesn't blend to well, and I like the rock style of it, and yeah I was going to put a sample of the sound in, but I was pretty anxiouse to get it up already, thanks for telling me how to fix it!

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2.29 / 5.00

Feb 24, 2005
11:49 AM EST
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