Shoot Da Alien

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Select your weapon and shoot da alien!

Yes, it needs sound effects. But please note this was made and submitted in the year 2000. Back in the days of '56k' internet. It was also my 2nd ever piece of flash.


boy did that blow.

i don't even know why you would think to post that on NG.

Probably the best of the early Pick-A-Death games

It's probably the best of the early Pick-A-Death games but only due to number of options, the deaths themselves were terrible, you had a different idea with using different keys for different deaths, but I feel this didn't work well as the point of Pick-A-Death games is just to kill someone or something, so just clicking would have been better. The whole alien arse thing with the grenade was pathetic and childish and there really was no point to it. Sound would have made this much better and should have been included, pretty much every movie of this time had sound so I don't see why this shouldn't have done.


Could have been better, I don't want to blow up an alien just by pressing buttons.

Alright, you are really beginning to piss me off

Your movies/gmaes are beginning to piss me the fuck off. God Damn you suck at makin these movies. How long did this one take dipshit? two three minutes? i could make a better one in 10 and the graphics would be a whole hell of a lot better. Take my advice, put more effort into your entries. Until then dont submit anything else shithead

Shoot Da Alien

Wow just wow... lame and ugly not good... no sounds man i want sounds i want to hear the boom and guns shooting at the alien.. and better graphics im sure 2000 had better graphics than wat u have right now.

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2.20 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2000
5:22 PM EDT
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