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Shoot Da Alien

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Select your weapon and shoot da alien!

Yes, it needs sound effects. But please note this was made and submitted in the year 2000. Back in the days of '56k' internet. It was also my 2nd ever piece of flash.


Alien Hater...

The tipical poor game about killing someone with many ways. Here the victim is an alien, the tipical grey.


this game wasnt even worth my time(which i have a lot of)

~you have just been reviewed by Diablo


First off, you definitely need sound for this, the graphics could be better but this was made quite awhile ago I suppose. The lack of a background is not a good thing, but I did like the variety of options you gave.


OK, you click a botton. Watch a crappy graphed alien die. Great American Pastime. By the was El Diablo re born. Best weopon was gernades(spelled). Who dosn't like throwing things in aliens ass(for dumb peope I'm being Sarcastic)

A nice simple, fun game to play with some very nice ideas placed in it. Some of the weapon choices were very amusing as you don't see many games that include items like Tazer-Boy, haha! There's quite a bit of length to this game with eight weapons to choose from, and it kept me somewhat entertained the whole way through until I had tried every last weapon. For an old flash and apparently your 2nd, it's quite well done and seems to have a decent amount of effort put into it. Nice creativity I suppose.

This game could use so much more to keep it fresh and new, like maybe more items and it absolutely needs sound effects of some sort! Better graphics was a much needed quality of this game and it's be better if the alien made noises, too as that way some people would get better joy out of killing him rather than to pure silence. The backgrounds really need some filler colour of some kind rather than just pure white annoying backgrounds.

Some good effort was put into this very early flash game, some good ideas but in general this game needs a whole lot more features and better quality in order to be a more satisfying game.


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2.20 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2000
5:22 PM EDT
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