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A Cursed Creature Part 1

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Author Comments

An evil bed gnome puts a curse on an unsuspecting sleeping boy, and chaos ensues!


oh no, they fell!!1!

That was an groteskly random flash movie. It was great!

one of the best home movies ive ever seene

very very funny bro the guy filming has some preety good talent if you ask me keep it up


movie sir

sketch0587 responds:

thank you sir

This isn't cheating

in just a week you 5 have become the creators of one of the best series out there, firstly with the graphics, they are very smooth, and have lots of blood included ^_^. Secondly the sound, though there is no speaking, the fact that you created such a catchy and awesome theme song makes up for it, along with all the sounds, like people dying for instance :-> those are great too. Then there's the genuine originality of this flash (along with the rest of the series) and that is that, there has NEVER been anything quite like this before, and even though you may have influences (I'd love to know what they are in the case you had any) again nothing like this has been done before, great job i loooovve originality. Then there's the violence, WOW physical humor with death in the end, is basically what this series is, and damn it you guys do it well ^_^, the blood as earlier stated looks just GREAT, especially because its everywhere, and do i really have to explain the humor of it, its simply is, though of course i think its so funny how the kid who's killing everyone is COMPLETELY oblivious to what he is doing, that there deserves a roflle. You guys have earned :P my 5/5, and i hope you make many more of these and start to rack up those awards even faster, even though that seems impossible, GO AHEAD prove me wrong :P. THE EDN

Omg teh grafics tehy wer sew railistic, and (not joking) the song in cool_penquin's was really kewl ^_^, eben doe teh ewther songs were 1337 too. and the fight scene it has such great graphics, i couldn't believe how good they were, and even though i love LF, and don't HATE foamy, i still love to see there hait flashes. It was all around hilarious, and i loved 02 also ^_^, can't wait for 03 TEH EDN

You gave this entry a 5, raising its score to 2.42! OMG teh 6rafics tehy r so gud. And those songs, i love them all, they r meh favs. This has more originality than gawd itself *thumbs up* owsome dude. And teh violence it was so kewl, "Battlefield 4 eat j0ur heart out :P. HA havn't written a review quite like this in a while, ha that was hilarious, i had to give it a 5/5 ^_^. You are ALL the king of the portal i say (omg teh suc><>< up0rs) TEH EDN

05/02/2004 that was the release date of Soul Defiance (god i'm an ass sometimes), anyways its so weird how ALL of these got daily 3rd's actually its quite scary, but now to the actual review first and foremost great graphics as always, love the attacks they just look so cool, next the sound, the attack sounds are so cool and thank god they are right on time with the animation, also the song was a good choice, though of course the actual SD had the best one, this was pretty good too (you wouldn't believe how much the music matters to me, thought i'd throw that in ^_^) Also the style as i've said in all the reviews is so original, and AGAIN can't wait for the next SD and rokemon, you are one of the best artists on NG i'd say, hope you get more fans like me, and more people realize what i have ^_^. 5/5 for you. TEH EDN

This is serious business.

sketch0587 responds:




sketch0587 responds:


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Credits & Info

2.77 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2005
3:10 PM EST
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