PICONJO: Zuper Zayin 7008

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Teh frog stole some simpson jokez and maed Piconjo sad and PICONJO has an explosion of rage so he can get p33 color hair and pwn teh frog.
-Piconjo <3z J00


Um ok

Interesting take on all this, im sorta out of it with the whole piconjo but it was an interesting animation, kinda starnge but entertaining enough.



if you wait thers a funny bit at the end

obviously some ppl dont see the funny side of this, lmfao it was great.

Y0(_) 5(_)(|&lt; |O1(0|\|J0 937 4 |_1|=3. 4|\||) |\|0

Piconjo Legendary Frog could steal nothing from you... because you have nothing worth stealing lol. seriously you suck you didn't even bother to create a ending to this shit. Also I belive that you were insperation for another flash "artist" fat badger who sucks just as bad as you. Please leave this site or better yet leave this plane of existince and if I'm using to big of words for you how bout go to hell. Or maybe I'm not speaking your language... |O|_3453 |_34\/3 7|-|15 5173 0|2 |33773|2 Y37 |_34\/3 7|-|15 |O|_4|\|3 0|= 3><1571|\|(3 4|\||) 1|= 1'//\//\ (_)51|\|9 70 |319 0|= \\/\\/0|2|)5 |=0|2 Y0(_) |-|0\\/\\/ |30(_)7 90 70 |-|3|_|_. 0|2 //\//\4Y|33 1'//\//\ |\|07 5|O34|<1|\|9 Y0(_)|2 |_4|\|9(_)493. Oh and for constructive criticism learn grammar btw all toadies are better than you and you a savior don't make me laugh so in short stop misusing pico's name learn grammer stop making these cruddy flashes or Chuck Norris will kill you and everyone you like/love with a round house kick to the face and then Sephiroth will give everyone you dislike/hate 50$. And here is a poem.
LF rocks, Piconjo sux
Now please give me 50 bucks

BDZ...Meets Piconjo...

OK...good Idea...but...next time..use your own dialoge...not from the show directly...but it's good...

You've earned my wrath!

Now you've pissed me off. Anything you ever create again, as long as I live will be blammed. This is piece of shit is the worst flash animation and the lowest shot at LF I have ever seen. Feel my

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2.15 / 5.00

Feb 22, 2005
9:10 PM EST