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Feb 21, 2005 | 9:59 AM EST

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Will we be fooled again?



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so true...


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You are far too suspicous. We have a very strongmilitary yes. But can we really control three countries at once? We are still having trouble in both Iraq and Afganistan. How could we hold Iran too? Do you also think we will attack North Korea? No way. I am in no way ruling out the possible liberation because yes, it could very well happen sometime. But it wont happen while we are still in Iraq, Afganistan and South Korea (troops there are protecting the borders). You wont have to worry about any liberation of Iran anytime soon.


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W00T you R0XX0RZ

I myself am totally anti bush, anti war, and anti... ...that guy standing in the corner over there. And dude reviewing this before me, I praise you. "Oh Canada"


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I myself am Iranian..I do not support Bush at all.
(I live in Canada FYI)
Many Iranians, against the regime support Bush and want his help to change and liberate Iran.
I don't agree with them.
Iran can take care of them selfs.
The regime will change sooner or later without Bush interfering.
Bush invading Iran is just going to make things worse. Irak for example.
He invaded Irak, destroyed there homes and families.
And instead of building houses and Mosks, first thing he does is build churches in a MUSLIM/Islamic country.

Iran has a strong army which will put up a strong fight.
And they only have nukes because there looking out for them selfs.
Kinda like blackmail . ( Don't attack and we won't use the nukes)
Iran has had nukes for a while, they've never threatned anyone.
Personal safety. Bush just likes to put his nose in everything.

Soo many poor countries in need of help.
Bush spends millions on wars on countries who have something in return for him.
Many other countries have terrible regims, Bush doesn't botter helping them since they have nothing of his intrest.

Anyways..The flash was nice. Good work.


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I know the perfect song to play here

"Tehran", by The Offspring. That song has eerie parallels to the current war in Iraq, and the song was made in 1989. Freaky. Still, the Bush administration is not pushing for war nearly as much as they were before Iraq. Not to mention, there were student protests there last year, so people there are getting sick of the regime in Iran. Let them settle it.