Sonia's Escape

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Escaping from boring home is great alright. But there are things out there much tougher to get away from...

It's my longest animation so far - 10+ minutes! I hope these minutes won't bore you and you'll get as much fun as I had making the film.

There's no translation but the dialogues are blah-blah-blah mostly, and aren't necessary to understand the movie.



A fucking work of ART! I loved this flash, automatically on my favorites. You are an amazing filmmaker... everything about this flash was amazing and very fun to watch. The graphics were unique and the the 3D stuff you did looked fantastic. The style was probably the best I've ever seen, period. Looked like Picasso or something. The sound, while in a different language, was quirky and funny, and the music was very good too, sounded professional. This flash's quirkiness gives it a good sense of humor. I also loved the part where the guard was singing "numa numa, yay" or at least it sounded like it. 10 for you.

Scarydoll responds:

oh you know that song don't you!

Why this wasn't number one is beyond me

One of the best flash animations on newgrounds... so why don't other people see that?


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Holy crap! I dont think Ive ever seen a flash movie done that professionally EVER!. INCREDIBLE!


nicley done keep up the good work


I totally love your style! I'm not sure I followed the first part of the story so well, but I wouldn't even care if the story was complete nonsense, because the graphics, animation and style were pure art! I love the way everything looked, and I mean everything. The people, the buildings, the insects, the monsters. It's kinda like a magic mushroom world, but even magic mushrooms don't make the world look this cool!
I believe you could make good money out of your talant and creativity, if you're not already doing it

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2005
3:30 AM EST