Sonia's Escape

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Escaping from boring home is great alright. But there are things out there much tougher to get away from...

It's my longest animation so far - 10+ minutes! I hope these minutes won't bore you and you'll get as much fun as I had making the film.

There's no translation but the dialogues are blah-blah-blah mostly, and aren't necessary to understand the movie.



By far the best thing i have seen come from a flash movie ever! It has style, it shows great creative flare, imagination and also you didnt dumb it down like most flash movies, this is a art house movie for the flash generation. Definatley should be considered a must see for anyone who likes flash movies, and should be considered a great on the Newgrounds website

Where's the daily winner trophy for this?

This is the kind of piece that film festivals are built around. There's something really wrong here if this doesn't get number one. I'd be really shocked of this isn't winning an award somewhere if it hasn't already. Your fine work is much appreciated.

Someone give this guy a TV deal.

Genius. Reminded me of The Nightmare Before Christmas, with all the spooky touches.
Keep it up and one day maybe everyone will be able to come up with original material like that. The evil pilot, the lightening effects, the fast subway ride, the 3d effects on the prison tower, and the fat lazy way the cat walked....all brilliant. Especially the way that bloody bug talks.

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Simply put, this was a brilliant and wonderful film. The artwork is very unique! I'll kick that guard's ass!


Nicely done. How long does it take you to do those flash movies? cuz damn thats long but sweet. Bce igrushki 250 rubley ha ha, i gotta go visit ukraine.

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2005
3:30 AM EST