Sonia's Escape

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Escaping from boring home is great alright. But there are things out there much tougher to get away from...

It's my longest animation so far - 10+ minutes! I hope these minutes won't bore you and you'll get as much fun as I had making the film.

There's no translation but the dialogues are blah-blah-blah mostly, and aren't necessary to understand the movie.


Wow, what a satire!

While parts of this were just plain weird, other parts are quite clearly making fun of society (Russian society, that is). I loved the cat (that is EXACTLY what fat cats are like!) and the metro frog lady. Yes, I've met the metro frog ladies in Moscow... we don't have them here in Canada, though. I never really understood what the insect was supposed to represent, but it was still cool. Surprisingly dark in parts, unusually so for Western audiences (remember, Americans don't mind violence but show them the tiniest hint of something like rape and they feel absolutely disgusted... you're making these movies for a Russian audience, but you should keep that in mind just the same)

Anyway, I think that this and "Los Dias Sin Dias" (my #3 most favourite flash on Newgrounds at the moment) are your best works to date. Your style is awesome, but in my opinion it only works if you work really hard on something like you did on those two animations; otherwise it can end up feeling rushed. It takes a certain amount of effort to take something to 80%, and the same effort again to bring something to 100% quality - but in cases like this, it's more than worth it!

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Wow, haha

Strange for the sake of being strange. Pulls it off with flying colors.

Cool story, weird creatures. Though, yes, it was too long.


Great moovie. Abstract and very artistic.
Shame many people here "don't get" it. What is it that you dont get ? Its not like Kol's flashes, where you have to perhaps overlook several times to get the meaning. Here its just the story, a funny one too :)
Sonya releases her bugs in the metro, just for fun i guess, then a mean police officer catches her and throws her in prison. Then one of the bugs (fly) flies to inform Grandma that her grandaughter is in trouble. Grandma and Cat pack a package for her and take it to prison. Sonya at first doesnt understand why they sent her a bunch of junk, but then everything works out.
PS: The fly got hit by lightning while helping Sonya, but instead of getting fried by the electricity, it absorbed it and anyone standing close to the fly got shocked.

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pretty damn good

it was really imaginative, and i really liked the style of animation. Keep up the good work!


If Salvador Dali and Tim Burton had ever worked together whilst on acid they couldn't of ever come up with something as wacky and inventive as this. Brilliant!!

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2005
3:30 AM EST