Sonia's Escape

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Escaping from boring home is great alright. But there are things out there much tougher to get away from...

It's my longest animation so far - 10+ minutes! I hope these minutes won't bore you and you'll get as much fun as I had making the film.

There's no translation but the dialogues are blah-blah-blah mostly, and aren't necessary to understand the movie.



I dont know what the deal was with the reviewer "Dapyrojuggalo" but this story was very easy to follow. Unique and original art direction, and great animation and colors! Loved it!

uhm ok..........

This movie mostlscared me.....the characters look ugly/retarded but i think thats what u were going for (or so we all hope) so im not gona rate it bad for that.....but ya crazy film made no sense and killed alot of brain cells but its original....i guess....and it was well put together

good work

I like this, is a kind of underground comic... go hell idiots that give a low score to this one animation. keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That was..........bleh...........

The first thing is that it wasnt in a lang I know and there werent any sub titles. Also the animation was........shitty. Every else can say its good but I think it was crap. The legs didnt move right and same with any other part of the body. I turned this crap off before I wasted more then five minutes of my life on it. Its not worth watching but go ahead if you want to.


By far the best thing i have seen come from a flash movie ever! It has style, it shows great creative flare, imagination and also you didnt dumb it down like most flash movies, this is a art house movie for the flash generation. Definatley should be considered a must see for anyone who likes flash movies, and should be considered a great on the Newgrounds website

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3.81 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2005
3:30 AM EST