Sonia's Escape

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Escaping from boring home is great alright. But there are things out there much tougher to get away from...

It's my longest animation so far - 10+ minutes! I hope these minutes won't bore you and you'll get as much fun as I had making the film.

There's no translation but the dialogues are blah-blah-blah mostly, and aren't necessary to understand the movie.



it looks like u used alot of layers in this that brought some cool funky depth to it. The way the characters turned there heads is pretty impressive it looked like it was 3d, did u have to do alot of masking?

Weird Stuff

Honestly, I wasn't so sure if I did like it or not.

Sure it had a unique flair to it. Sure the sound was alright... I did no however, find this humorous.
I didn't like that fact that you couldn't understand what they were saying, but then again, that didn't matter since the characters' actions were so well defined in the animation.

Towards the end though, when the fly got eaten by the... Bird-? Bigger fly-? Whatever. Back to my observation, it sounded like the tiny fly said something in Japanese, which I thought was sort of interesting.

I did not like the fact that 'Sonia' had a child-like way about her. So it was really creepy to see that officer grab her and kind of... Groped her-?

Yeah. Just. Weird

Very Very Very Different...in a good way!

I love this style of animation, nobody even talked, just grumbled and it made sense! The characters were so unique and odd looking not to mention the great use of color in this peice. The music was good and the sounds were good also, sounded like Jazz.

Overall it was a great peice of work! It is hard to create something good that is over 10+ minutes!

i seeeee

I liked this a lot.. In some ways it reminded me of the triplets of bellville. I guess with the weird animation and the lack of language. I hope you've seen it and I hope you liked it. Nice work.

nice one

awesome animation, i liked this one a lot.
glad to see it win an award and having this on the front page too.

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3.82 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2005
3:30 AM EST