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This is an example (with more in the making) of how movie clips can attach to eachother even if each individually vary in x/y scale. This could have many applications in games with sprites or backgrounds. Next version will include more options including some that will let you input your own variables and a tutorial on how to do this.


Pretty good....Pretty good

I guess I'll rate you on what you submitted and how good it was and not just on if it was stupid or not. It was pretty impressive. You should try using that to your advantage if future works or w/e. I'll give you 1 thumb up d('.') since well...it was just drawings. Good work though!

C360 responds:

Well thanks...but did you know that they are generated with code?

This could be useful

This entry isn't exactly brilliant, but it does demonstrate that you have an understanding of how to generate random yet coherent geometric objects. Rather than create a sequal to this, I would like to see you apply this technology to something complete. The most obvious example would be a game. Rather than allowing the player to simply input variables, you could have the program generate the variables based on the actions of the player. This technology could aslo be applied to object behaviour, not just physical traits. Anyway good luck with whatever you decide to do with this next.

C360 responds:

"have the program generate the variables based on the actions of the player" - that's SUCH a good idea! I ought to try that. I'm making a space platform game now in flash and I'm definatly going to include that random space background. It seems like you have a very good head on your shoulders in what ways this could be applied to games. Thanks for the review!

BTW I looked at your flash. You seem pretty good w/actionscript...I might email you a few questions to see if you'd know how to do something if I get really stuck.

to be honest...

this may have been the weirdest flash i've ever seen on NG..... the music, the shapes... the... weirdness! it's a good weird.. but still weird! *still thinking*

Not bad at all

watching these kind of made me tired. Are you trying to seduce me?

C360 responds:

Hehem. Well......

No....just no.

Need to make it go some where. I didn't do anything but click my mouse. Normally I get into detail with my reviews, but there is nothing to review on this submission.

C360 responds:

LOL. Yeah, you didn't even use your brain - just clicked your mouse.

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2.28 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2005
1:03 AM EST
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