PICONJO: Berserk 2

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OGm teh 2nd chapter in teh "PICONJO: Berserk" saga.

in this epsiode LF wants to sux piconjos pen0r, and will fight him to the death for it is necessary.


why even bother leaving a review

i don't think it makes a difference. you don't understand what we mean when we tell you it sucks so i'll leave it at that. you suck and so does this pionjo crap. make something else for once that is actally good. don't you relize that you just suck at this

like the last guy said - useless

you have no skill nor wit whatsoever
again you have submitted your daily load of trash onto the hapless viewers of newgrounds.

However there are those who continue to seek your approval (ie idiots/your fans) and give you a good rating.

What did you do to that submission that was remotely related to flash? what 'improvements' or modifications did you do to that clip?

certinally nothing related to compression

Piconjo responds:

I did just as much as Knox does for his movies ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!1!!1!


I'm torn between my desire to see this blammed and my desire for a protection point. I chose the high road. Zero.

Blatantly poor animation, as usual.

Even your damn Epic/Mystic Kiss series is better than this. Have you run out of ideas or something? Stop filling NG with crap and make something decent, PLEASE!!!

That wasn't much of a display of your Flash talent

I thought you'd know better Piconjo. Instead of making hundreds of little crappy Flash submission try and make some good ones like your Schlietzen series and so on. This is a blatant ripoff of Berserk: an anime series which is 10 times better than the stuff you're submitting right now.

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3.19 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2005
12:14 AM EST