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No Brakes!

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Feb 20, 2005 | 12:19 PM EST

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warning! excessive violence!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

i agree wit aginusas

awesome flash


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Ooookay, I'm gonna say no. u.o;

Erm.. What's the point of this? What, is it a parody or an excuse to post killing of random individuals under the label of racism and hate crime? I see no humor in it, really. No puns, no hint of things that could actually make it funny in the sense of making a mockery of the actual things it supposedly is parody-ing.

If you wanted this to be funny, maybe add in some audio other than music with words that are barely audiable. Ya know, maybe have some sarcasm or something. Maybe blasting stereotypes and ending it with a nice message or something to make the audience laugh.

OTHERWISE, if this was just some hate-oriented crap and you posted it under the guise of parody just to show the world your hate, then this should totally be blammed. Making jokes about racism is okay, making a mockery of hate crimes can be okay, all of which need to be done in the right air... otherwise, it's taken as not a mockery but a statement that you like/believe in hate crimes and/or racism.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

whats with the nazi stuff

in case you dont know the nazis invaded your country killed countless russians and looked apon the average russian or ukrainian as no better than the jew.One of my great uncles was a B 24 liberator pilot that was shot down while bombing the ballbearing works in schwienfurt. he was held in a P.O.W. camp near Bremen that was simular to the one portrayed in the movie Harts War. There was an allied side and a soviet side. The Americans and Brits were allowed to maintain a chain of command and for most of the war were well fed and housed and not required to work. The russain side featured little food, slave labor, and summery executions for the slightest enfractions. the officers and grunts were housed together in dirty pourly built overcrowded shacks. the ss made sport out of playing musical chairs with russian soldiers the one left standing saw the buisness end of a walther P 38, and the last thing he got was a bullet in the head. the nazis treated you people like animals and when the camp was liberated most of the remaining russians were mowed down by an MG 42 about an hour before the american army got there. alot of the german cowards ran west to the americans (i wonder why?) I inherited one of those pistols that Uncle George took off a dead ss guard. I dont even look at it, it gives me the creeps knowing its history. The nazis suck and they got what was coming to them. i hope you dont really admire them

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I still have seened violent than this...

Graphics: Graphics weren't so good, could be better.
Style: Nothing new happens in this, well, when that girl fly down from window, that was stylish.
Sound: There was not nothing else than music, good music, a very good music.
Violence: Don't have nothing to say with it.
Interactivity: It only get 2 by that clown thing.
Humor: That was funny when that family get killed by a car.

Overall: very well done.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Haha that shit was funny as hell. The Offspring kicks so much ass too, see them live if you have the chance!

The funniest thing is that it's a nazi who kills everyone.