StarShip Troopers Movie

June 22, 2001 –
December 12, 2011
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Author Comments

Well this flash took me a bit longer than the other one which is pretty bad,its kinda a little preveiw, but i might make more if i get good reveiws ect. thanks and enjoy.


I thought it was pretty good, nice animation and nice when roughneck is being eaten by arachnid. Nicley done.

hay man liked the movie alot but n e chance you can rename the starship troopers theme the klendathu drop as thats wat its called i was looking everywhere for the theme fortunatly i have it now any way great job man especialy the arachnid carving into the dead roughneck hehe great job

but isnt this the same thing as ur other ship troopers movie am i fan of ship troopers and this was ok

I am surprised that the studios don't have a copyright to sue you with but good jbo I like starship troopers

Ps Starship troopers 2 isn't as good as starship troopers

most would give you 3 or 4 but i will give you 5
1 Starshiptroopers is my fav movie
2 were both Canadian except i live in B.C.

peace man hey if ii can adyou to my list of portal buddies youl be my first.



not worth the wait

Good job, crappy film.

Man that was awsome, you should make a whole movie about it or something cause you got the right idea, Good job man

I dont care if the blood color is wrong that movie Kicked ass

1>bug blood is green
2.Starship troopers rule

maybe you should have made the screen a bit bigger, eh?

The killing scenes were cool. you should make part two longer, because this was a little short.
good entry, though.


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2.46 / 5.00