Yee Olde Weebl

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well look, i have submitted another weebl and bob toon. i made it quite a while ago, but just recently decided to submit it. no its not stolen (last one got accused of that) i have helped weebl make history 5, and made birthday wishes which is now found on the site, so i guess that puts me slightly above the average weebl and bob fan. zola made me submit this, so if you hate it, yell at him.


This is a good movie.

A decent entry to say the least. Your drawings were very good and the animation was excellent. I don't like the old film style though because there is no voice acting. It drives me nuts. But it was okay for this movie I guess. It was surprisingly funny. Normally parodies are just lame rip-offs that are poorly drawn and not humorous at all, but you have done the opposite here. This is a solid entry for sure. Good job. I would like to see more coming in the near future. Good luck with all your flash movies in the future.

Almost forgot, don't mention the fact that you have worked with Weble before, and then say "That makes me a slightly above the average Weeble fan." It sounds so conceited. It's okay to say you have worked with him, but leave the last part out. Just a thought.

BlueHippo responds:

ah, didnt try to sound conceited :( just trying to point out that i'm not some screaming 12 year old "omg teh weebl is teh lollerskates"

Listen closely

In the distance you can hear the sound of Jonti's ego inflating ever so slightly

BlueHippo responds:

jonti contains baloon like qualitys ego wise.

Parody of the year

I loved the voices. Weebl will be proud.

BlueHippo responds:

he saw it many months ago, he liked it, but didnt think it was funny enough.

i liked it

that was funny.
but i think bob looked like hitler......

BlueHippo responds:

yes but bob love his jewish friends ;P


name-dropping, so-and-so =D

can't believe I never saw this before you submitted it here :p

but ahh it's good, it's real nice, as always your animation and graphics are amazing, you fucking whore, and this old-stylee movie is just a clever rouse to cover up the fact that you can't voice-act, isn't it!? =O

well nevertheless it was still beautifully done and made me lol inside....heheh....but thanks for this, great w&b toon =]

BlueHippo responds:

hey zola. yeah, way to not see this toon, you slag. me? avoid doing voice acting? nooooo, never :ninja:

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4.06 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2005
10:03 PM EST
Comedy - Parody