Online Elite Solitaire

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Yer basic solitaire game with loud graphics

Yeah, too busy, as most everyone has stated; it's just too hard to see what's what and of course, it's classic solitaire, basically, which means the inherent frustration factor is built in. Not really worth the effort.

I won the hand!

Great game!

It's good for when you don't have Solitaire on your computer.

What the others said

Sure, the same felt great and was a very original way of havign solitaire, but the game was indeed too busy. The stuff on the cards, in the background, and aounr dht screen in general was enough to give me a headache. It looks liek you spent a lot of tiem on the beginning as well. Try and add in music next time, and please make the graphics appriciable, not annoying.

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this game "did" give me a headache, its just WAY to busy, i think microsoft had something with the plain green background... but nice work anyways

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Nice Game

My only complaint is there is no appearant "undo" button and the game is to busy. If I did not already have a headaches, this game would have given me one.... rather then increasing the existing one. Other then that, nice work.

*<}:o) H-D

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3.42 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2005
3:18 PM EST
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