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A Day in the Forest

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A short movie I made in a couple hours...I thought it was pretty good...It really doesn't have a point, but, again, I thought it was cool to show to people on NG...enjoy...

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It does lack humor though, But that really doesnt matter. It is also a bit short, but then again that doesnt matter too much either. Good flash, to make it better add a little more humor and it would be great. The sound really goes along great with it too!

Nice flash,


i liked it. finally not some flash were something goes around slashing up everthing. (well they are cool) but yours took a braek from all the gore. good animation and the music fit very nicely with it. i thought that it was a very good flash. nice work.


well, im no fan of short animations, but i liked this animation. it was pretty cool.


whats that music from though? ive heard it like 20 times already and im getting pissd off.

Starogre responds:

It was Frog's Theme from Chrono Trigger.


Well that was pretty good i guess, nice animation and i liked the ants! lol.
Erm, just keep it up...