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Author Comments

This movie was a big project for me. I started it 5 months ago and am finally finishing. I am a big fan of robot movies and stories and thought it was about time I did my own, so here it is. And for any hardcore robot fans out there, the movie even follows Asimov's 3 laws of robotics. Big thanks to DJ Riott on the music. It wouldn't be the same without. I hope you all enjoy and appreciate this movie.



Excellent work...but too short?

Man, that was really touching and beautiful. I loved the stylish minimalist approach and economy of motion in each shot. It reminded me of a Radiohead video that was never made. The music really added a lot to it and heightened the emotion superbly. I think perhaps though it could do with a more interesting ending...I thought of two possibilities...
Just as the blue robot goes to strike the final blow, the human deactivates him with that little remote control and saves the grey robot's life. They then dismantle blue robot, turning him into wheelchairs for underpriveliged kids or something, and live happily ever after.....aaaaaaaww.
Human gets outta bed and is about to deactivate blue robot who quickly reacts and chops off the human's hand and kills him. Camera pans out looking at the scene of destruction as humans themselves consider it could be THEY who are 'obsolete'.

... :'(

Aww I loved that robot....stoopid ass blue thing I hate it...

Aww it was so sad the rejection that the guy gave him, and, lol, Im talking about this as if it was real, but it was really sad...

Woo and it was my birthday yesterday and I got a graphics tablet so maybe someday Ill have something as good as this on newgrounds!

Great job, looking through all your stuff and what Ive seen is amazing :D

Praise + Suggestions

i loved the concept, and i loved how the first robot's face was sad even when smiling. good stuff!

i felt you took something away from the robot's character though when he grabbed the axe. it was hard to sympathize with him afterwards, though i am glad it was nothing suicidal. perhaps he could have been set up by the other robot, who then would have killed him for his 'just' cause.

the human could have been more detailed to match the robot. when he held the blanket up to his face, it didn't match and looked slightly awkward

intercut titles are nice, but maybe a few too many at the beginning. they tend to raise expectations very high, as in a feature length film. I say keep them for the end in shorts.

also, and this may be personal preference, but i would have found the whole thing much more artistic if it were in black and white. honestly, just try it and see how it looks :)

just a few ideas,

Matt-Merrill responds:

hey there, thank you for the suggestions! I found them all to be very helpful and agree that all of them would almost definitely help to make the movie better.
I don't think I will bother changing things in this particular movie, but I'll keep your advice in mind working on my other movies. Thanks again!

---Too depressing---

Yeah, it sucks to be cast aside and treated like garbage! At least the first robot didn't feel any physical pain.

Sad...and ironic...

I thought it would be like I,Robot, but instead I was reminded of Animatrix..of how man created machine to do his will..until one robot not wishing to die brought about the rebellion. Good work man, like the other guy said...make more!

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Credits & Info

4.00 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2005
6:29 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place February 20, 2005