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This movie was a big project for me. I started it 5 months ago and am finally finishing. I am a big fan of robot movies and stories and thought it was about time I did my own, so here it is. And for any hardcore robot fans out there, the movie even follows Asimov's 3 laws of robotics. Big thanks to DJ Riott on the music. It wouldn't be the same without. I hope you all enjoy and appreciate this movie.



Good stuff

The music corresponded with the visual images very well. The music really helps to carry the story and provide some feeling into anyone that watches it.

The timing and choice of visuals displayed were chossen very well. The whole storyboard seemed pretty good. The fading into other moments showing the connection between the Robot and Inventor, was a very good technique and worked.

The ending lacked some resolution for me, the story didn't seem complete. I definatly felt something watching as it progressed, but didn't get that same feeling at the end. I do like the little animation on the end though of him shaking all nervous, heh.

Overall it was good.

I'm going to rethink my life...

It is so refreshing to see a real work of art with emotion and depth instead of 11 year old mind numbing flashes of color.

This definately has your unique drawing style, and very creative transitions. The plot line is easily grasped, and one can't help but feel the various emotions (happy, sad, angry) while viewing this.

The sound is simply an enhancing Musical Soundtrack that emphasizes what the visual art is trying to say. (Well done music I might add)

At the end, the viewer is rewarded with some violence, but all in good taste! Not gory, yet effective.

I was hesitant with the interactivity, but than I realized "holy cow! I have 4 entire links to click and explore!"

Not entirely humorous, but one can't help and chuckle at the lives and bonding of the robot and the inventor.

A++ >> I hope this does well!

So, So, sad

This was really good. i liked it. This reminds me of my old models and games collecting dust in the closet. This also shows how life works. One day, a new creation is made, everyone goes wild but when you finally get it, something new comes out.
Keep up the good work

I was rooting for the Second Robot

The Good:

Music, though just a little bit shaky, fits the thing REALLY well. (Compliments to DJ Riott)

Kudos on keeping the filesize down. A lot of Flash artists overload a short, and you've proven that you can get a good short for the capacity of a floppy disk!

This is very artsy yet very simplistic. Good job balancing those two in the animation.

The Bad:

Your visual style seems to be more apt for comedies than dramas.

The ending could have made a bit more sense.

An exact setting like place and/or time would've grounded the animation more.

The Ugly: (SPOILERS)

Hey, the first robot had it coming. After all, the second robot had to do it in self-defense.


You showed one of the most inspirering piece of flash ever! Very sad when h is left out! The best flash iv'e seen today!You the man!

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4.00 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2005
6:29 AM EST
  • Daily 2nd Place February 20, 2005