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This movie was a big project for me. I started it 5 months ago and am finally finishing. I am a big fan of robot movies and stories and thought it was about time I did my own, so here it is. And for any hardcore robot fans out there, the movie even follows Asimov's 3 laws of robotics. Big thanks to DJ Riott on the music. It wouldn't be the same without. I hope you all enjoy and appreciate this movie.



sad and well thought....

i liked it cause of the story. Nice story the graphics were allright but not amazing.

a nice, original flash idea

though the concept is dated quite a bit, ive not seen anything the likes of this in flash.

i could see how it was suppsoed to be "sad", but isnt, nor will there ever be, due to the not just the implausibility, but the complete and utter impossibility of AI.

it will always just be algorythms. they may mimic what we perceive to be "life", but nothing artificial will ever be a "being" in a humanistic manner.

so, this was just a robot doing what it was supposed to do. protect and SEVER MUHAHAHHAHHAA

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How sad

Mind you, spose everything gets replaced after a while dosent it?


wow that flash was so sad man. it is like when power corrupts a person. Nice job though.

One word : Awesome

This actually made me cry a bit , If someone doesn;t get the story of this , I'll say it : The inventor made a robot and they were best friends . Then he built another one and it took his place. So when the 1st robot got mad and tried to kll the other robot , the inventor saw the mistake he made.

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Feb 19, 2005
6:29 AM EST
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