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This movie was a big project for me. I started it 5 months ago and am finally finishing. I am a big fan of robot movies and stories and thought it was about time I did my own, so here it is. And for any hardcore robot fans out there, the movie even follows Asimov's 3 laws of robotics. Big thanks to DJ Riott on the music. It wouldn't be the same without. I hope you all enjoy and appreciate this movie.




That was so sad. poor robot. all he wanted to do was serve that guy. it kinda tells ya a lot about human nature, though. How we forget ou favorite things because something 'new' or ' better' comes along. Good movie. sad and depressing, waah,but good.

That was art.

Wow beautiful work and a nice inner meaning. It's refreshing to see a movie with class and deepness to it rather than the same old violence we see around he on Newgrounds. I really liked the poem at the end too.

This movie is a piece or art, well done.

Matt-Merrill responds:

ThANK YOU! I have also been very tired of the pointless violence and lame comedy that goes on at this site. It's so nice to know some people still appreciate the artistic value of movies.

That was outrageous.

Why not show what is possible -with robots or whatever you use to convey your theme- instead of something sad or negative? Why not show what is open to man in the future -using robots or whatever- instead of -I guess- what happens to what is no longer needed. I think that was the theme: we should have compassion for the obsolete; also, we should fear the future because if we get too much technology it will turn evil or something. Stop while everything is simple and benevolent or you'll get a Frankenstein. Pretty negative view. You did potray the theme well though, hence any points.

Matt-Merrill responds:

Sorry you didn't like it. The point is not to discontinue technology. There is more than one way to interprate this movie. If you think about it a little harder I hope you can find a more positive message.


very creative. you are good at showing emotion without alot of facial expressions. serious flash movies are generally harder to make than funny ones.

Last year's model....

It's sad to see such neglect. Sadder still to know that it happens all the time in the world around us....

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Feb 19, 2005
6:29 AM EST
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