Viviparous Dumpling

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The object of Viviparous Dumpling is to maneuver the fetal dumpling with your mouse by grabbing moving and throwing him into the nutrient rich sperm that fill its mothers womb. But be sure to avoid the evil toxoplasm! four hits from them is all it takes to turn you into fetus soup.

NOTE: Jesus people read the in-game instructions page! it tells you that you can pause the game any time by pressing enter.. like almost all our other games

NOTE: When your fetus starts out hes very slippery and hard to move around without losing your grip (thats where tossing him comes in handy) but as your embryo grows your grasp on him tightens and you will eventually be able to move him around with ease.

This game has 4 unique game modes and highscore submission via www.diverge.ws can you master them all?



fun, but hard.

ok i read the your notes and other people's comments. i agree about making there be difficulties for story, also i think that as your embryo grows it should be able to take more hits, cause it's harder to dodge all the of the junk attacking you as you get bigger and it reaches a point that you're just praying for one of those tablets to float by near you to save your life. i the object of the game, also i agree with the others and a key board setting should be put on there, especially for those that have laptops

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It's not so good..

you can't control the ''thing'' with a mouse, it's too dificult... and the music isn't the right one. maybe something à la tri-achnid ;)

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A few negative points...

I completely agree with rawbutcher-tossing is murder in this game, with the tiny playing field.

Also, I find that the hit detection is very unforgiving. Maybe it's just me, but I think the hit detection is unreasonable for such a small playing field.

Overall, the game is okay, but a good idea would be to add multiple difficulties for story mode.

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needs more room

The area is too small to get any combos without bouncing into a few bad cells before you can regain control. The fetus hardly has enough space to move around.

Its a good game but

please for the love of god either do something about the bumping around or make it so i can play by keys.

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3.90 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2005
2:30 AM EST
Skill - Collect