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Mecha-King Menorah

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this was my first real flash so i kind of learned as i went.
its a christmas movie.


Christmas VS Chanukuh

Anyways I loved the movie mainly because the Christmas Tree dominated the Menorah! Christians yet again beat out the Jews! Haha just kiddin' all you Jewsians! Loved the "and Kwaanza" at the end. Priceless! =)

How could you the jews are the chosen ones!

We got freaken 8 cannons of massive fire balls and are made of a metal, how could a freaken tree win. I SAY THIS IS A LIE. Man and since both chanaka and kwanzza have things that are metal and burn candles they should have teamed up against the evils of christmas, maybe you should start a series, you know in the likeness of godzilla.

spacejelly responds:

the menorah used up all its energy in that massive fireball attack leaving it defenseless, the chistmas tree managed to avoid the blast and dealt the final blow. KO

Have your self a Merry Little....

Nice Flash. The name reminded me of Mecha-King Ghidorah from the Godzilla series so I gave this flash a look and Im glad I did. (By the way long live Godzilla! King of Monsters, Bane of Tokyo, Star of 28 different films!!!)

Anyway the graphics werent the best but the fight sequences and the music was great. I was reminded of the first fight scene in Evangelion so I assume you have seen it. Although I could be wrong. That was a great idea. Once again Nice flash!

spacejelly responds:

hail godzilla, if theres one thing i regret, there should have been more godzilla.


I love the way you used the Mr Bean starting tune.. was that deliberate?

But more importantly, why was the christmas tree bleeding?

spacejelly responds:

thats the kind of music i imagined for that scene, and i couldent find anything better, so yes.

and he was bleeding because he got owned by king menorah! his decorations got blown off too.

A whoping 5 and overall 8

The Christmastree is so stolen from Neon Genesis Evangelion, and the candle holder form Terminator.

But this one is cool O_o

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3.16 / 5.00

Feb 18, 2005
10:39 PM EST
Comedy - Original