Bowser Freak a Leaks

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This is a little loop i made where bowser from "Super Mario Brothers" gets his groove on, It's humorous.. I hope you like it.


The animation was alright. I would have loved to see a little more done with it. I am not gonna be biased of this flash just because I am a fan of Bowser, so I can agree more could have been done to make this stand out more. The song choice is nice though and the Koopas dancing along with Bowser was a charming touch. A larger variety of dance moves for Bowser and a few more for the Koopas could make this even better! Not to mention possibly adding some flashy dance atmospheric lights to the setting to add to the mood. All and all, the flash is fine and it could use some more room for improvement. I don't believe it's as bad as most people think of this though. It's at least average.


the guy before me was dumb and a cruddy guy. he dosent understand the wonder of flash media like we do. i think it was a great flash! i have always wanted to see bowser get on the dance floor and break out all his funky fresh moves! and the koopas in the background were the piece de resistance!

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theres 2 mins of my life ill never get back

that was a waste of time to c, the worst parts are
1) it just kept repeating itself on and on and on and on
2)out of the 300000000000000000000000000 song on this planet you could of chosen, you had to pick one of the worst ones!
3)it could have had more in it
and 4) unless it was your 1st flash movie ever sent in, that was rubbish. if it was your 1st, i apologize for everything else i said xept the song part!!!!!lol
glad i got that of my chest. next time, try and put more in as i know u cud do betta

was alright...

hey that was alright it could have been better but really who ami to talk lol ive never made one of theses on my life lol altho...kinda funny cuz u wouldnt think of bowser dancing like that...ESPECIALLY TO THAT KINDA MUSIC AHHAHA...more like...metallica! that would be cool and like mede it violent hehehe with blood but was alright

its slow

and the song i dont like anymore its outa style now

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2.12 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2005
11:25 PM EST
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