PICONJO: Ballz Zee

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On teh next exiting episod of Piconjo Ballz Zee Frogzia killed Nalo and stole his movie and took all teh credit it'z up to Piconjo 2 stop teh evil frog from submiting the movie he filled with ghey simpson jokes.
-Piconjo <3z J00

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megaman X

i recognized the music at once that it is from megaman X not sure if thats the source u got it directly from but what ever that kicked ass i just think the graphics could be better

Plz make more...

I want to see whats next, plz make more, k?

WTF is this crap?!

that was the worst movie EVER. and why did piconjo have an orgasm till his hair turned yello? oh wait, i bet it happens with you all the time.


basic outline of story:
sticks motion tween around.
dude puts flash in portal.
guy gets constipated.
the end.

if this was made by anyone other than piconjo, it would have the exact same quality, but it would be blammed instantly.


Sometimes you make good movies...

But most of the time, I really don’t care for watching it. I completely understand that you have an army under your belt, that will always vote your movies into newgrounds, but it really isn’t fair to other users. I mean, this flash wasn’t bad as some of your shit that passes, but this flash did make me laugh. I laughed with the Mega Man music and the satire of Dragon Ball Z. Anyways, please submit works that ya’ll are capable of, because your legion isn’t making good quality films go through. *Note this one wasn’t too bad*

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3.41 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2005
7:44 PM EST