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LF2:A Hunter's Quest Ch.4

rated 3.88 / 5 stars
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Feb 15, 2005 | 6:49 PM EST

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Author Comments

Woody and Chase take on a group of Hunters that have attacked Woody's howntown Great City. Will they survive?



Rated 3 / 5 stars

...and now we have something.

When the previous episode was to set the characters and setting - then here you definitely delivered in bringing the actual story to work. Here we have fighting and drama and we even get to see the big bad. Nice.

Some critique too though.
Firstly, again, the city seems to be just there to be destroyed. It feels like it's a dead city even before it was destroyed. Where are all the people? If they are dead, then scatter bodies here and there. The scene had changed quite drastically from the last time we saw the city - ruins and all - but still I feel it could have been made even more dramatic. (Perhaps portraying the city in ruins also could have used a bit more work...) Also, I understand it's really hard to make sprites show any kind of reactions, but a very strong emotional response by Woody would have been necessary I think.

The fight scenes you do have become a lot better also, when compared to this episode. The baddies just ceep coming to be tossed aside without any effort. The heroes should have little moments of failure, even if they win the combat against the Hunters eventually. Perhaps even get hit by an arrow or two? Would make it even more exciting to watch and add to the tension that should be there. We should have to think: Oh man, they gotta get out of there! As Chase does.

Woody really had a brilliant idea - teleport! lol.

The scene with Julian was actually very interesting, cause it gets us to think: how much does Julian know? Did he know the Chase he saw with the red gloves was one who had traveled back in time? Did he guess it after he saw the current-time Chase behind him? What will his plans be now?
You could have given us more insight on that.

Otherwise - a satisfying chapter of the story,

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


cool ^^ i love lf2 do someone know where can i find maplestory lf2 ? ^^


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

i like where this is goin

i like the fight scene with the hunters ( hey somebody needs a tribute to the weak ass sprites) and for chapter 5 whos gonna be in it? jack? bat? davis? ( i pray its bat cause hes the man!)

p.s. if chapter 5 comes out i hope it has a good surprise like woody asks " were you involved with him " " yeah but you see its different" or something like that..i like this...and i also miss the menu music from chp 1-3 i liked it put the mood in it

(again) p.s.: its me shy_inuyasha this is my second account!

good luck with the series il be here supporting you

p.s. (last one i promise) like MaxR save your money and buy a laptop that way you can make better graphics

Kudos and Peace ^_^

PyronX responds:

Wow, that's the longest review I've ever gotten. Thanks for reviewing twice! I can tell you like the story. I can't reveal too much about Ch.5 besides the fact the bat won't show up for a LONG while. Also, you've got the right idea on how Ch.5 is going to work out. For the Menu music, it seems most people loved it, like you. But for Ch.1-3 AnZRage told me that the music was annoying. If you check out all of his reviews towards me, you'll notice. I'll still think about it thou. The only other thing I can spoil about Ch.5 is that its called: "Memories of Chase". You make your own conculsions...



Rated 4 / 5 stars


I dont really like LF2....But this movie sorta changed my mind! It was very cool....Maybe (or if your already thinking about it) Chase from the past and chase from the future fight each other?Anways...Continue on with the movies!

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PyronX responds:

I'm glad my movie made an inpact on you. You're pretty creative, with Chase and Past Chase fighting thing. But I'm steering away from that idea. Just because Past Chase has no mysterious gloves so he would just be an anverage Hunter. And Future Chase doesn't have any memory of him fighting himself. It would just crash the whole conecpt. But you are thinking... I like that... Thanks for watching.

P.S. Chapter 5 is on the way


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Better than the your last episodes.

It was good. Destrucktion of a city was well made. But you made Julian a bit too good. I think. And so did you with Chase. I mean he just shot the other hunters one by one. With no harm done to himself. If he is just a normal hunter himself, then hor is he that good?

PyronX responds:

I glad that someone finally noticed that. Well my questioning friends it's simple to explain: - Woody lost so easily agaisnt Julian bcause at this point in the story, Julian is the only surpreme power. No one can defeat him... YET! And for Chase(the hunter) If you watched the first Chapter then you would know that Chase obtained more power from those fancy red gloves he wears along with another ability. So Chase is not your average Hunter. If he was... he would been beaten badly against Henry in Chapter 2.
P.S. Chapter 5 is in the making...