Rouge Episode 1

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A new series I'm gonna start. This one begins with Zero's rampage through the city, the time set is before Sigma beats Zero (As shown in MMX4).
Ok ok ok... Just because its a sprite flash movie doesn't mean you have to blam it without giving it a second thought. "Ooh look its a sprite thing! Its all shitty and I'm gonna blam it even without watching it! Tehee!" If you don't like Sprite movies then go watch another movie instead of giving an unfair score!

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hmm. kind of lacks detail and knowledge

first of all when zero was still a maverick he did not have his Z saber and his armor had round shoulders.

2nd Zero never rampaged through the city, the place shown in MMX4 was the remains of dr wily's lab and he never left because after he destroyed the team of people who released him sigma was called and sent in to neuturalize him hence the MMX4 fight

3rd when zero was a maverick he never talked, he just ruthlessley attacked

and to all you people wondering, YES Wily created Zero, and NO Zero is not Bass, he is an entirely different creation

anyway brush up your info, then redo it and don't use low quality sprites either 6/10 :/

swordflip responds:

dude, i knw all those things already but this story is MY version of "what happened" during those 30 years. ok? get it? this is like A FAN ART! and not a perfect depiction of the history of mmx for Christ's sake. and the sprites or zero with the round shoulders suck cos its from mmx1 (even YOU should know that mister MMX know it all)

I felt like I seen this before..

I have to admit, nonething makes me squeal like a happy little megaman fangirl than a
good MM sprite. If you can carry out a good solid story but might not be best in the drawing department, then go right ahead and uses those sprites!

Anyways, on to the flash review.

This flash movie lands itself in the gray "meh" zone. Sure, it was a good flash and all (you won some points with the music you selected) but it has two major flaws in my point of view. Like everyone said before me, it's too short! It just suddenly ended without warning which kinda buged me a little. Second, this flash reminded me way to much of Rigo's flash known as "Red Hunter Zero" and (for some weird reason) Kaos's " Megaman X- One last Breath". Good luck on your Next Flash!

Its good but..

Its too short. And just cuz its a sprite movie doesnt make it crap.

wtf is wrong with you people!

Sprties are fine! You could regret if the person drew it so quit complaining! I like sprite movies, there is nothing wrong with them! I'm so tired of people complaining about sprites! LIVE WITH IT! If you don't like sprites don't review that movie! Just move on, quit complaining and qive some one a chance damnit! Skrew the rest of them I liked it, Zero is cool, sprite or drawn yourself. So I gave you a very worthy 3 out of 5 because it was a bit to short.

not bad

well, im not voting/reviewing on a 'sprite bias', but it was pretty cool. a little short, but it was still good. for your next flash, you should make it a bit longer, and maybe check out the audio portal for your music too.

swordflip responds:

I have a lot of music from the audio portal, oc remix and the likes but i just couldnt find a part to squeeze it in. glad you tink dat the movie's cool. sorry if it was too short. I'm not that good a writer. My other "story writing" attempts suck but was particularly satisfied wit this start. Tnx agen!

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3.37 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2005
6:54 AM EST
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