Craig The Evil Toilet

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This is a promo for a spin off series from "Burnt Face Man" The series will be called Craig The Evil Toilet. So if the response is right then I will continue to make the series. I hope you all like the finished product. Yours James.


A pile of poop

That wasnt particualy funny, and you made it worse by coppying someones work. Shame, shame on you. I only gave it 4 because i like that stile of work, but otherwise, think if something your own...

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A good try

Doing a spinoff from a great artist is not very original but good try though... I agree that you did have a good idea, just need to utilize it way better then what you showed in your flash...

Hey ho

Well, I commented on your other movie, and I hope you read these. I disagree with the majority once again. Although I can see that people don't like you coping other people's ideas, I like your humour, and I'm sure you could work on it, and in time, it'll all be wonderful.
And to the guy who wrote this review "Go kill yourself....seriously." You're a fucking cunt. There's constructive criticism for you. Anyone who doesn't have the creative capacity to leave a half-decent review - and leave that instead, needs to sort themselves out. Fucker.




i want to use the word 'random', but im not sure i can.... this was beyong random. very unusual and unappealing too.

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1.45 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2005
5:51 AM EST
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