America in Obesity

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Took some good points and put them to use.


Interesting Idea

You definitely were making a statement about the wieght problem in the United States. Some moments in the animation were good; the person going in to McD's and getting the diet coke was a interesting irony.

On the flash spectrum, your transitions were well done, and your graphics were good enough for the animation. However, I think your screen ratio was a bit off for what you were actually drawing in. I think it was supposed to 550 x 400, but it looked much larger than that.

Otherwise, I think you did a good job. Some may take offense, but really, a lot of animations on NG may have people taking offense.



who cares about fat americans?

jimmyouidiot responds:

i didnt make u watch it. idiot.


i think this may be offensive to others ...

jimmyouidiot responds:

i think u need to take a better look at newgrounds stoog. Alot of offensive flash. loosen up fatty.

alright, not like this is anything new.

This is a problem that is not really just confined to the US, we just get the label. Also, this is a prolem that the Bush Admn. has adressed heavilly & that Bush himself has outlined in several public speaches. Bt, as before said, you can live anywhere & still get fat, you could live in Albania, Canada, Kwait, or Zimbabwie & still get fat, a picture of the globe instead of the continental US would have been more appropiate. Also, please remember that both Alaska & Hawaii are parts of the US too, & deserve to be recongnised. but, overall, I don't disagree with the flash, people are getting way too fat.
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jimmyouidiot responds:

thank you. and i was taLkin about australia and hawaii too.

That was quite humorous.

You just saw Supersize Me, right?

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3.10 / 5.00

Feb 14, 2005
10:40 AM EST
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